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The consortium for the EDUCATE project has been selected so that its members have significant experience and expertise in at least one of the following domains which are critical for the smooth operation and successful implementation of the project: working with challenging tasks (in Mathematics), curriculum development, teacher education, differentiation, classroom observations and analyses. The four Transnational and Training meetings, which have already begun to take place, are designed so that different participants share their experience and expertise, aiming to develop collective experiences, perspectives, and common language within the project consortium:
  • 3rd Transnational and Training Meeting of the EDUCATE Project    [see more]
  • 4th Transnational and Training Meeting of the EDUCATE Project    [see more]

1st Transnational and Training Meeting of the EDUCATE Project

The 1st Transnational and Training Meeting of the EDUCATE project was held in Cyprus in October 2017.
During the 1st Transnational Meeting, all the necessary steps for all upcoming activities, including establishing consensus about timeframes, responsibilities, processes to be followed, the budget and the regulations on how to use it, the operational and communication plan that describes the methods, as well as the schedule concerning the internal communication procedures to be used among the project partners were discussed and set.
The aim of the 1st Training Meeting, which followed, was to train participants on issues of cognitive activation and differentiation, so that they are able to recognize instances in which teachers maintain, reduce or upgrade the cognitive demands of mathematical tasks and identify teachers' needs and challenges when trying to involve all their students in cognitively demanding work. This was an indispensable training activity for effectively implementing the first phase of the project, on which subsequent steps were based.
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2nd Transnational and Training Meeting of the EDUCATE Project

The 2nd Transnational and Training Meeting took place in February 2018 in Portugal.

During the 2nd Transnational Meeting, which preceded the Training Meeting, the comprehensive list of needs and challenges based on the needs’ analysis in each country, which was formed during the first phase of the project, was discussed to determine which challenges and needs are going to be addressed by the EDUCATE packages. Also, the design principles and the structure of the EDUCATE packages were co-determined.

The aim of the 2nd Training event was to train participants on issues of curriculum development since such expertise was needed to effectively carry out the tasks involved in the second phase of the project. In particular, participants worked on developing parts of the EDUCATE training materials for teachers and teacher educators, drawing on the comprehensive list of teachers' needs and challenges, the decisions taken during the 2nd Transnational Meeting, as well as the knowledge gained and the skills developed during this event.

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3rd Transnational and Training Meeting of EDUCATE project

In July 2018, the 3rd Transnational and Training Meeting of the EDUCATE project took place in Ireland.

This 3rd Transnational Meeting focused on presenting and discussing the draft version of the EDUCATE packages (modules) for teachers and teacher educators; making decisions on how to handle the final modifications to be suggested once the third training event was over; and finalizing and codifying decisions regarding the third phase of the project.

The 3rd Training Meeting, which preceded the transnational meeting, had the form of a week-long summer school. During the morning sessions, mathematics lessons involving cognitively demanding tasks were taught to primary school students by Dr. Seán Delaney and were observed by Irish and Cypriots teachers. In the afternoon sessions, segments of the lesson were identified and discussed in a video-club setting lead by the Cypriot team. In particular, the modules generated above were used to engage the teachers in discussing challenges included in working with all students around challenging tasks. As such, the afternoon sessions of the summer school functioned as an initial form of pilot testing the modules. 

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4th Transnational and Training Meeting of EDUCATE project

The 4th Transnational and Training Meeting of the EDUCATE project took place in Greece, in February 2019.

The 4th Transnational Meeting was a critical point in the project because it was about half-way through the implementation of the EDUCATE packages. Specifically, in this meeting, decisions regarding the third and the fourth phase of the project were finalized and codified. Also, the teacher-educator logs and teacher reflection cards were considered to determine if any additional modifications needed to be made. Another important task during this meeting was to finalize the observational rubric, focusing on issues of mathematically challenging tasks and differentiation.

The 4th Training event, which was attached to the 4th Transnational meeting, had two goals. First, to provide training on using the finalized version of the observational rubric to code videotaped lessons. Second, to provide training on analyzing the project data both from quantitative and qualitative respect. This training was necessary because, after the meeting, participants had to analyze a large amount of data collected during the third phase of the project.

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