BA in English Language and Literature


FAll SEMESTER 2018-19

BA in English Language and Literature
ENG 101.1 &101.2: English for Academic Purposes (English Studies, Sections 1 & 2)
ENG 101.3: English for Academic Purposes (European Studies, Section 3)
ENG 102: Research Skills in the Humanities
ENG 110: Introduction to the Study of Fiction
ENG 120: Introduction to the Study of Poetry
ENG 160: Introduction to Linguistics
ENG 213: Studies in 19th Century Fiction
ENG 220: Poetry of the Early Modern Period
ENG 239: Introduction to Cultural Criticism
ENG 240: Pedagogical Grammar
ENG 250: English Phonetics and Phonology
ENG 270: Translation Methodology
ENG 279: Introduction to Critical Thinking
ENG 336: Modern Theatre A_Epic Theatre and its Afterlife
ENG 340: Language Change & Development
ENG 350: EFL Teaching Methodology
ENG 393: Current Trends and Perspectives in Translation
ENG 502: Literature and Utopia in Early Modern England
ENG 510: Metamorphoses: Narratives and Theories of Becoming in Contemporary Feminism
ENG 511: Postmodernism and the Aesthetic
ENG 521: 20th Century Literature and Psychiatry
ENG 532: The Literature of the Uncanny
ENG 535: Seminar in American Studies I
ENG 549: Experimental Methods in Linguistic Research
ENG 552: Language Acquisition and Language Disorders
ENG 555: EFL Methodology II
ENG 573: Style in Translation
ENG 574: Audiovisual Translation
ENG 578: Gender in Translation
ENG 599: Translation Criticism



BA in English Language and Literature
ENG 103.1 & ENG 103.2: Academic Essay Writing
ENG 103.3: Academic Essay Writing
ENG 130: Introduction to the Study of Drama
ENG 161: Language and Mind
ENG 170: Introduction to Translation Practice
ENG 215: Studies in Modern Fiction A
ENG 224: Studies in Romantic and Victorian Poetry A
ENG 241: Sociolinguistics
ENG 249: Frontiers of/in Europe
ENG 257: Formal Semantics
ENG 264: The Syntax of English
ENG 280: Translation Theory
ENG 310: History of Literary Theory and Criticism
ENG 330: Studies in Shakespeare A
ENG 341: Psycholinguistics
ENG 500: Introduction to Feminist Theory
ENG 524: Science Fiction and Philosophy
ENG 526: Posthumanism and Literature
ENG 527: Literature and Technologies of the Self
ENG 542: The Syntax-Lexicon Interface
ENG 553: Issues in First Language Acquisition
ENG 556: Grammatical Features in Syntax & Morphology
ENG 575: Theatre Translation
ENG 584: Intercultural Communication and Translation
ENG 586: Image and Text: Semiotics and Translation
ENG 595: An/other Europe in Film and Translation (cross-listed)

MA in English Literature and Comparative Cultural Studies
ENG 700: Literature and Aesthetics
ENG 713: Gender, Sexuality and Subjectivity in Early Modern Literature and Culture
ENG 721: Nation and Narrative