Pre-Forum IG workshops:15/16 April 2024 (online only)


ESIL Research Forum ‘Revisiting Interactions between Legal Orders’

Nicosia, Cyprus, 18-19 April 2024



DAY 1 (Thursday, 18 April 2024)

Room B108 (University House ‘Anastasios Leventis’, Level -1)

8.30-9.30 Registration

8.45-9.15 Guided visit to the University of Cyprus Library (optional)

9.30-10.00 Welcome

Aristoteles Constantinides and Ioanna Hadjiyianni, University of Cyprus (local organizers)

Tatiana-Eleni Synodinou, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, University of Cyprus

Gleider Hernández, ESIL President

10.00-11.00 Keynote

André Nollkaemper, University Professor of International Law and Sustainability, University of Amsterdam
Climate change litigation in national courts in a condition of global interdependence


11.00-11.30 Coffee Break

11.30-13.15 Parallel Panels 1 and 2


Panel 1: International law between constitutionalism and pluralism: Reflections from theory and practice

Room B108 (University House ‘Anastasios Leventis’, Level -1)

Chair: Edouard Fromageau, University of Aberdeen

Matilde Masetti Placci, University of Edinburgh
Fragmentation through Georg Jellinek’s eyes: a re-problematisation of ‘modern’ international law

Anna Sophia Tiedeke, Humboldt University Berlin
Taking a road less travelled: A critical redescription of interactions as languages meeting in the contact zone

Max Steuer, Comenius University Bratislava and O.P. Jindal Global University New Delhi
Republican Constitutional Pluralism, Judicial Interactions, and Constitutional Courts’ Responsibility: Towards ‘Race to the Top’ in Fundamental Rights Protection

Julián Suárez, University College Cork
Legal pluralism in the construction of a rights of nature environmental governance model based on a relational approach

Discussant: Gleider Hernández, Catholic University of Leuven, ESIL President


Panel 2: Interactions between institutions

Room LRC 012 (UCY Library, ground floor)

Chair: Ganna Yudkivska, Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine

Guy Kelleher, University of Bristol
Towards a liberal theory of supranational integration

Ansgar Münichsdorfer, Freie Universität Berlin
Stronger Together: Inter-Organizational Cooperation in Mandate Expansion

Rita Guerreiro Teixeira, University of Helsinki
Regional Fisheries Management Organisations: Bridging the Gap Between the International, Regional, and National Legal Orders

Matilda Gillis, University of Cambridge
Using Democratic Dialogue Theory to Revisit the Interactions between Domestic Legislatures and International Courts on Immigration

Discussant: Christian Pippan, University of Graz


13.15-14.45 Lunch Break  B108, University House ‘Anastasios Leventis’, Level -1, atrium

14.45-16.30 Parallel Panels 3 and 4


Panel 3: Interactions between the international and domestic legal orders

Room B108 (University House ‘Anastasios Leventis’, Level -1)

Chair: Inga Martinkute, Vilnius University

Eleni Methymaki, Oxford University
International and domestic law at the International Court of Justice: Thinking beyond the “fact v law” binary

Van Anh Ly, Laval University
Trans-Border Protection of Human Rights under Private International Law: The Application of Forum Necessitatis and Forum Non Conveniens by National Courts

Giulio Fedele, University of Rome “Unitelma Sapienza”
The protection of European human rights in private relationships: revisiting the interaction between international and domestic legal orders through integration

Discussant: André Nollkaemper, University of Amsterdam


Panel 4: Reciprocal interactions between the international and EU legal orders

Room LRC 012 (UCY Library, ground floor)

Chair: Adriana Di Stefano, University of Catania

Piotr Wiliński, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Can the European Union’s approach toward the intra-EU investment arbitration cases be considered merely a local standard of annulment?

Alessandro Mario Amoroso, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa
The Contribution of EU “Restrictive Measures” against Russia to the development and identification of the customary law of sanctions

Nicky Touw, Open University of the Netherlands
The CSDDD: Beyond Remedies in Civil Litigation?

Marios Tokas, Geneva Graduate Institute
Litigating irregular developments in labor and climate change commitments in EU FTAs: a law of treaties and state responsibility perspective

Discussant: Anne Thies, University of Glasgow


16.30-17.00 Coffee Break
World café discussion: “Engagement and Mentoring: A Conversation with Early Career Researchers” (convened by the ESIL Early Career Coordinating Committee)


17.00-19.00 Parallel Panels 5 and 6


Panel 5: Diffusion of norms across legal orders

Room B108 (University House ‘Anastasios Leventis’, Level -1)

Chair: Gleider Hernández, Catholic University of Leuven, ESIL President

Lorenzo Acconciamessa, Registry of the European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg
The Role of the ECtHR in Shaping a General Principle on Competence Distribution between States and International Courts. The Migration of the Margin of Appreciation Doctrine

Katalin Sulyok, ELTE Eötvös Lorand University, Budapest
Intergenerational equity in domestic and international climate litigation: A self-fulfilling prophecy?

Jakub Ciesielczuk, University of Nottingham
Public participation of non-State actors in the environmental governance – Transposing the right to public participation in environmental issues from the national to international level

Iona McEntee and Antonio Cardesa-Salzmann, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
Towards the bottom-up pluralisation of public international law: revisiting the role of inter-judicial dialogues on rights of nature between courts in the Global South

Discussant: Daniel-Erasmus Khan, Bundeswehr University Munich


Panel 6: Extra-territoriality in EU and International law: an old concept in flux

Room LRC 012 (UCY Library, ground floor)

Chair: Ana Salinas, University of Málaga

Peiran Wang, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
The Extraterritoriality within the EU Restrictive Measures (Sanctions) against Russia over Russo–Ukraine War: Legality and Effectiveness

Lise Bernard-Apéré, Laval University and University of Bordeaux
Unlocking the Geographical Indications Puzzle: Navigating Legal Diversity through Objective-Driven Transposition

Fabian Lütz, University of Lausanne
Between interactions, trans-nationality and extra-territoriality – Human Rights, Discrimination and AI in the International Legal Order

Emile van der Kwast, University of Groningen
Protecting European data abroad: Towards extraterritoriality of EU law?

Discussant: Markus Gehring, University of Cambridge


19.00-21.00 Dinner Reception  B108, University House ‘Anastasios Leventis’, Level -1, atrium


DAY 2 (Friday, 19 April 2024)

8.45-9.15 Guided visit to the University of Cyprus Library (optional)

9.15-11.00 Parallel Panels 7 and 8


 Panel 7: Addressing norm conflict, overlapping legal orders and the search for clarity 

Room LRC 012 (UCY Library, ground floor)

Chair: Neha Jain, Northwestern University

Anne Dienelt, University of Hamburg
Prima Facie Norm Conflicts in Situations of Multilayered Legal Protection – A Dead-End Street?

Isabell Junkkari, Åbo Akademi University
Fragmentary Narratives: Navigating Norm Conflict at the European Court of Human Rights

Petr Stejskal, Palacky University Olomouc
Foreign Investment as a Military Objective – Caveat in Protection or Costly Decision?

Shinya Ito, University College London
The Interaction between WTO Law and the Human Right to Food in Relation to Export Restrictions on Foodstuffs: Norm Conflict or Supportiveness?

Discussant: Markus Beham, University of Passau


Panel 8: Judicial dialogue across legal orders: potential intersections   

Room B108 (University House ‘Anastasios Leventis’, Level -1)

Chair: Edouard Fromageau, University of Aberdeen

Ricardo Rodrigues de Oliveira, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Lisbon
Unequal before the law: Intersecting judicial reasoning and policy-making on same-sex marriages

Carolina Braglia Aloise Bertazolli, Central European University
Constitutionalizing economic, social, and cultural rights: forced eviction cases and the interaction between international and regional human rights laws

Yating Lin, University of Hong Kong
Judicial Dialogue in domestic and international tribunals in International Investment Law: Myth or Reality?

Julia Sochacka, University of Warsaw
Recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards in Arab jurisdictions. Is there a space for dialogue between judges and arbitrators?

Discussant: Aristoteles Constantinides, University of Cyprus


11.00-11.30 Coffee Break

11.30-13.15 Parallel Panels 9 and 10


Panel 9: Specialised regime Interactions: human rights and/or environmental regimes

Room B108 (University House ‘Anastasios Leventis’, Level -1)

Chair: Christian Tams, University of Glasgow

Sarah Thin, Radboud University Nijmegen
From Paris with Love: What Role for International Environmental Law in the Interpretation of Human Rights Treaties?

Giorgia Pane, University of Palermo
The right to a healthy environment between national and international courts: Judicial complementarity?

Anastasios Lafaras, Watson Farley & Williams LLP and Eirini Vyzirgiannaki, University of Athens
The European Convention of Human Rights and Arbitration: a Difficult Pas de Deux?

Panagiotis A. Kyriakou, Archipel, Geneva
SLBs and environmental commitments: a paradigmatic case of synergistic relations in international law – or is it?

Discussant: Christina Binder, Bundeswehr University Munich


Panel 10: Managed complexity: Interactions across multiple regimes and/or legal orders

Room LRC 012 (UCY Library, ground floor)

Chair: Markus Gehring, University of Cambridge

Matina Papadaki, University of Athens and Stavros-Evdokimos Pantazopoulos, University of Helsinki
Capturing Tensions: Defining Ecocide at the Crossroads of Legal Orders

Andrea Jiménez Laurence, University of Copenhagen
Navigating regime entanglement: the implications for the duty to render assistance at sea

Silvia Venier, University of Trieste
Adapting to a changing climate: shedding light on international norms’ complementarity and mutual supportiveness

Kumush Suyunova, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa
Strategic judicial dialogue in climate change cases and the complex interaction between the ECtHR, CJEU, and national higher courts

Discussant: Ioanna Hadjiyianni, University of Cyprus


13.15-14.30 Lunch  B108, University House ‘Anastasios Leventis’, Level -1, atrium