Who may apply?
Any member of the University community (students, academic and administrative staff) who thinks that his/her work is negatively influenced from any specific act or omission of an Organizational Entity from University of Cyprus, may submit a request.
Issues that can be handled by the Office:
1. Guidance on the process to be followed in solving a problem
2. Explanation of the responsibilities of the various organizational entities
3. Directly promoting issues that the Organizational Entities are incompetent to deal with due to lack of legislation or policy
4. Delays related to research projects
5. Deviations/delays on service schedules or deadlines such as:
    - Wages or other compensation
    - Payments of submitted invoices
    - Liquidations of research programs
    - Co-financing and reports of research projects
6. Delays on approved requests for securing roof
7. Delays in purchase of approved / funded equipment
8. Other issues affecting the efficient daily operation of the University.
Any requests concerning the following will not be examined:
1. Private disputes
2. Appointments
3. Promotions / advancements
4. Student Admissions