The Health & Safety Committee of the Faculty of Engineering (hereinafter Ad-Hoc H&S C-POLY) was established after the approval of the School Council (session no. 2/2020, dated 18/03/20).


  1. Codification of Health & Safety issues, recording of needs / gaps that exist, structured design of the Ad-Hoc Committee at School level with utilization of its members' collective experience.
  2. Collaboration and involvement of existing academic Heads of laboratories and administrators (laboratory Officers, Technicians) to design / determine the operation model of the Faculty of Engineering in matters of health and safety, with simultaneous information updates to the Dean and the School Council.
  3. Recruitment and utilization of a Special Scientist for Research (H&S issues) that has been assigned to the School (ΕΟΠ Session no. 1/2020, dated 19/02/20)
Ad-Hoc Members H&S C-POLY (SESSION No. 06/2020 / POLY AGREEMENT, July 15, 2020)

Dean / Deputy Dean

ECE Department

Konstantinos Pitris (Professor)

MME Department

Theodora Krasia (Associate Professor)

CEE Department

Marina Neophytou (Associate Professor) - Ad-Hoc Coordinator H&S C-POLY

Department of Architecture

Odysseas Kontovourkis (Assistant Professor)


Ms. Constantina Kyriakou (Special Scientist, Health & Safety) collaborates with Ad-Hoc H&S C-POLY, as well as with the Head of the Health & Safety Department of the University of Cyprus, Mr. Akis Sofroniou.

Members of Ad-Hoc H&S C-POLY contact with Heads of Departments and Heads of laboratories for continuous information updates regarding the activities of the Commitee. All members of the School can apply to this Committee for health and safety issues.