Terms of Reference

  1. Review and revision of the existing distribution of spaces and where it is documented to make suggestions to EOKTA.
  2. Management of spaces in the new building facilities of the School on Campus after the relocation.

Operating Procedures

  1. The needs or requests from the staff of the School for the concession of new spaces are initially submitted to the competent Department. Requests submitted by other entities of the University to EOKTA and concern the facilities of the School, are forwarded to the EK for management.
  2. The Departments then submit their proposals to the EK for final approval. With their proposals, the Departments submit possible variations of the existing space distributions of the Departments.
  3. Upon completion / listing of any EK decision, the Board of Directors informs EOKTA accordingly.

Committee Members

Dr. Panayiota Pyla

Vice Dean - Supervision & Coordination

Dr. Aimilios Michael

Representative of ARCH Department

Dr. Constantinos Pitris

Representative of ECE Department

Dr. Loucas Louca

Representative of MME Department

Dr. Ioannis Ioannou

Representative of CEE Department

Administrative Support

Despina Constantinou

University Officer
Faculty of Engineering

: +357-22892236 | : [email protected] | : GP-106