The mission of the Committee is to promote the involvement of women and girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and to support them through the creation of fair and inclusive working conditions.


  • Women to be increasingly involved in the development, benefits and the benefits and applications of science. Their achievements should be recognised and are recognised and rewarded equally.
  • People of all genders working in STEM fields to be aware of the relevant international human rights standards.
  • To abolish negative stereotypes, discrimination and prejudice.
  • Societies to be fair and equal. There should be equal compensation for the same work regardless of gender.


  • Diversity - Respect for diversity and the value that value it adds.
  • Equality and non-discrimination - Recognition that all women and girls should possess equal rights, and opportunities. No no discrimination on the basis of nationality, origin, race, ethnicity, race religious beliefs, disability, indigenous heritage, age or other status.
  • Humanism - Ensuring respect for the human person, promoting mutual understanding, cooperation among all peoples and, improve human condition throughout the world.
  • Integrity - Ethical conduct.
  • Ensuring the human rights of women.
  • Teamwork - Contribution and cooperation of all team members for to achieve the vision

Our Strategy

  • We act as a role model for young women and encourage young girls to discover the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).
  • Interact with female students (third grade and early high school grades), parents and educators, the broader community and industry to engage in creating solutions to increase girls' participation in STEM fields.
  • Engage young women in STEM activities to encourage to pursue careers in STEM fields.
  • Promote events and opportunities for participation and learning about STEM disciplines.
  • Speaking to female students (third grade and first years of high school) about STEM fields and the opportunity for women to choose, to pursue and succeed in these disciplines.
  • Network: Connect with other committees across the country, national national organizations and with committees from universities abroad for and links with national and international committees and committees from other countries to disseminate and share information, resources and best practices in national and international level to improve diversity in the fields STEM.
  • Promote women role models from relevant professional disciplines.
  • Raising awareness in society of the contribution of women in STEM fields.


  • Continuous support of new and existing female students of the Polytechnic faculty in the course of their studies.
  • Presentation of successful examples of female graduates Presentation of successful examples of women graduates of the Faculty of Engineering.
  • Advice on nominations for awards such as the EY award.
  • Creation of an action group consisting of female students and researchers for promoting the values and strategy of the committee

Committee Members

Dr. Panayiota Pyla

Vice Dean - Supervision & Coordination

Dr. Aimilios Michael

Representative of ARCH Department

Dr. Maria Michael

Representative of ECE Department

Dr. Rafaela Agathokleous

Representative of MME Department

Dr. Argyro Tsipa

Representative of CEE Department


Student Representative

Administrative Support

Ioustini Pilidi

University Officer A'
Deanery of the Faculty of Engineering

: +357-22894058 | : [email protected] | : GP 101


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