The goal of the committee is to undertake initiatives in order to establish/maintain and promote collaborations with international and local institutions/organizations.


  • Establish and maintain research and teaching collaborations locally and internationally
  • Promote research and teaching activities locally and internationally
  • Coordinate the selection process of students who participate in exchange programs
  • Submit proposals related to International Relations and Promotion to the School Council for approval and implementation

Committee Members

Dr. Panayiota Pyla

Vice Dean - Supervision & Coordination

Dr. Popi Iacovou

Representative of ARCH Department

Dr. Margarita Chli

Representative of ECE Department

Dr. Loucas Louca

Representative of MME Department

Dr. Nicolas Hadjipanteli

Representative of CEE Department

Administrative Support

Ioustini Pilidi

University Officer A'
Deanery of the Faculty of Engineering

: +357-22894058 | : [email protected] | : GP 101