The Economics Research Centre (CypERC) of the Department of Economics at the University of Cyprus, publishes on a monthly and quarterly basis or periodically, various bulletins describing and analysing current economic issues in Cyprus, among those, the Cyprus Composite Leading Economic Index (CCLEI), the Business and Consumer Surveys and the CypERC’s Newsletter.


Cyprus Composite Leading Economic Index (CCLEI)

The CLEI Index is designed to provide early warning signals for the turning points of business cycles i.e., early evidence of the turns in economic activity. This Ιndex comprises of a number of leading economic activity variables whose changes tend to lead the changes in the overall economic activity and which are evaluated on a regular basis.

The leading variables have been selected from a large pool of domestic and international leading indicators and are: the Brent Crude oil price, the Economic Sentiment Indicator (ESI) in Cyprus and the euro area, the total property sales of contracts, the tourists’ arrivals, the value of visa card transactions, the retail trade sales turnover volume index, and the volume index of electricity production.


Harmonised Programme of Business and Consumer Surveys

The Economics Research Centre of the University of Cyprus (CypERC) participates jointly with RAI Consultants Ltd in the Joint Harmonised European Union Programme of Business and Consumer Surveys.

The data are collected on a monthly basis via interviews with managers/directors of firms in services, retail trade, construction and manufacturing, as well as through telephone interviews with consumers. The Surveys gather information on firms’ perceptions and expectations about different economic variables such as their turnover, production, employment and prices. The data also contain information on consumers’ perceptions and expectations about the financial condition of their households and various aspects of the economy such as consumer prices and unemployment.


CypERC’s Newsletter

CypERC’s Newsletter summarises research findings in a non-technical language and refers interested readers to the relevant Economic Policy/Analysis Papers and articles in the Cyprus Economic Policy Review. The Newsletter also informs readers about recent developments at CypERC and the Department of Economics of the University of Cyprus. CypERC’s Newsletter is published biannually (March and October) in Greek accompanied by a summary in English.