The backbone of this program is the comprehensive approach to material culture, both terrestrial and maritime:
Through courses on the nature, study, documentation and interpretation of archaeological artefacts and sites, on Land and Under the Sea, the students will acquire basic knowledge on research methodology and techniques used in a broad and diverse scope of archaeological fieldwork.
Practical courses in the field, on Land and under the Sea, in the lab or in the museum form an integral part of the programme: they provide students with hands-on experience of a variety of research methods and offer them first-hand acquaintance with different kinds of equipment used in the field and the lab.
For each course, credited with 10 ECTS, students are required to prepare oral presentations, write at least one essay and participate in organised visits. Under normal circumstances, physical presence is required. 
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Indicative Course Programme

1st semester: 
Landscape Archaeology (on land and under the sea), Digital Applications
  • ARCH 654 Maritime Cultural Landscape(10 ECTS)
  • ARCH 650 Settlement and Landscape Archaeology(10 ECTS)
  • ARCH 659 Digital Applications in Archaeology (10 ECTS
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2nd Semester: 
Materials and Artefacts
  • ARCH 655 Shipwreck archaeology (10 ECTS)
  • ARCH 661 Study of pottery and small finds (10 ECTS)
  • ARCH 659 Scientific analysis of archaeological materials (10 ECTS)


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3rd Semester: 

  • Practical Training in field archaeology (10 ECTS)
In order to complete the remaining 20 ECTS, students have two options:
  1. write a thesis, of approx. 20,000 words (20 ECTS), or
  2. attend two elective courses (2 x 10 ECTS) out of the following: 
  •      ARCH 651 Mediterranean Island Landscapes (10 ECTS)
  •      ARCH 652 Introduction to Building Archaeology (10 ECTS)
  •      ARCH 663 Introduction to Cultural Heritage Management (10 ECTS)
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The programme can be completed in a minimum of 3 semesters and is credited with 90 ECTS.