The Academic Affairs and Student Welfare Service (AASWS) is responsible for supporting students in all issues relating to their studies, housing and student life, while providing personal and career guidance, and social and financial support.

AASWS’s mission is the active and continuous contribution towards the creation of an environment of equal access to creative education, academic success, personal and social welfare and development, for all Undergraduate Students of the University of Cyprus, in line with the University’s Strategic Planning 2016-2025.

The Undergraduate Studies Office provides information regarding student admission policy and programs of study, while handling – amongst other – the academic calendar, the exams schedule, the issuing of all necessary academic documents (Degrees, Transcripts, Diploma Supplements, etc.), the electronic enrollment of all students.

The Housing Office of the AASW manages the Student Halls of the University, located on the new campus, in the Athalassa area. There are at present 208 single study / bedrooms with common kitchen and / or bathroom facilities. Within the Student Halls complex there is also a Social Activity Centre, Post-Office, Laundry Room and Resident's Information Centre.

The Social Support Office provides support to students with disabilities and health / learning issues, so that equal access to their academic obligations is guaranteed. This is achieved through decisions taken by appropriate University Committees which are based on a) “The Education and Training of Children with Special Needs Act of 1999”, b) The Regulations “Regarding the Education and Training of Children with Special Needs of 2001 and 2003”, c) The available funding for supportive measures, and d) The practices followed by other countries. The difficulties faced by students are dealt with in cooperation with the appropriate Committee for Student Welfare of the University, the Faculty Members responsible for students support of each Department, the student’s professors, the administrative staff of the University, and other governmental services and organizations. Special care is given in improving the accessibility of the University’s facilities for all students.

The Student Life Office offers support in the formation and functioning of Student Clubs. It also sets up workshops related to administrative and communication matters which aim to develop leadership abilities and improve communication and administrative skills.

The Careers Office provides guidance relating to student career planning and development.

The International Support Office encourages the internationalization of the University by informing non-European students and staff coming to the University of Cyprus about the culture of Cyprus and life at the university. It also provides guidance and support to all non-European students and staff on issues relating to immigration requirements and visas.