Program in French Language and Literature and Program in Modern Languages ​​and European Studies 

For students of the first year: Associate Professor Panagiotis Christias 

For the second year students : Lecturer Christakis Christofi 

For the third year students : Professor Fabienne Baider 

For the fourth year students : Associate Professor Fryni Doa  

For the fifth and sixth year students : Associate Professor Fryni Doa  

For the 
postgraduate students
Master in French Didactics: Associate Professor Fryni Doa

Master in Modern languages and European studies: Associate Professor Panagiotis Christias 


Minors’ programs 

Coordinator of Minor in French Studies : Associate Professor Fryni Doa 

Coordinator of Minor in Modern Languages ​​and European Studies: Associate Professor Fryni Doa   

Coordinator of Minor in Gender Studies: Professor Fabienne Baider  


Erasmus programs and exchange students 

Incoming Students: Professor Fabienne Baider
Outgoing Students:  Lecturer Christakis Christofi 

Faculty Mobility / Bilateral Collaborative Agreements: Associate Professor Fabienne Baider + Christakis Christofi