The Department of French and European Studies offers two university degrees at the undergraduate level (University degrees equivalent to four years of higher education). Admission to the Department depends on the same entrance examinations for both diplomas:

Both degrees provide students with up-to-date education and training. Young graduates can pursue their careers in Cyprus or abroad, not only as teachers and/or ambassadors of French language and civilisation, but also as European citizens, mastering 3 or 4 languages (Greek, English, French and/or German). They can be recruited in many sectors and institutions of the Republic of Cyprus as well as of the European Union, such as public and private education, cultural and linguistic services, the public sector (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc.) and other international bodies (European Commission delegations, diplomatic corps of the Republic of Cyprus, translation centres, the tourism and hotel sector, the media, multinational companies, NGOs…).

The new structure of these undergraduate degrees consists of two distinct tracks (French Language and Literature, or Modern Languages and European Studies) based on a common core curriculum.

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A. Mandatory Fixed Courses

    • French language and culture and/or German
    • French and/or German culture, which correspond to the interests of both courses: France in Europe, the education system in Europe, the importance of languages, the European vision, translation, research methodology, the history of art and European cinema, etc.


B. Additional Mandatory Courses

Additional Mandatory Courses are not courses freely chosen by students. These are selected by the Department, which publishes at the beginning of every semester the list of the proposed courses for the semester. Students must register for the Additional Mandatory Courses that correspond to their semester programme (see Semester Programmes in the Students’ Area).

    • For the Diploma of French Language and Literature: linguistics, literature, didactics of French as a foreign language and translation.
    • For the Diploma of Modern Languages and European Studies: coures covering subjects such as art, thought, European politics, etc.


See all course descriptions on the Diploma Course Descriptions page.


C. Courses of Foreign Language and from Other Departments 

      • For the Diploma of French Language and Literature: three levels of the same foreign language (the Department recommends French), offered by the Language Centre.
      • For the Diploma of Modern Languages and European Studies: courses from the Departments of LawPolitical and Social SciencesHistory (in the language of instruction of the corresponding departments) and one foreign language in addition to French, either German or English (courses taught in English are offered by the English Studies Department)

For exemption from foreign language courses, please contact the Language Centre.


D. Optional Courses

Any course offered by the University, except the courses of the Department of French and European Studies, is considered an optional course. The courses offered by Language Centre and the Sports Centre are considered as independent faculty courses.

In accordance with the decision of the Senate (no. 2/2006, §, students who attend public lectures, seminars or conferences organised by the University’s Departments, or by the Centre for Teaching and Learning (KEDIMA), may earn credits towards their degree. The Department recommends that all first year students obtain the Bulletin from MERIMNA. Once the 2 ECTS have been completed, students submit their Report Card to MERIMNA, which validates these ECTS for the MET 000 Seminars and Conferences course.

For the students of the Diploma of Modern Languages and European Studies:

((a) For first and second year students of the Diploma in Modern Languages and European Studies, the obligation to enrol in optional courses is no longer in force (students are not obliged to enrol in free choice optional courses).

(b) Students in the third and fourth years of the Diploma in Modern Languages and European Studies must enrol in free-choice optional courses until the end of their studies in order to fulfil the requirements of the Diploma.


E. Secondary Studies Programme (Minor)

Students who wish to do so have the possibility to obtain, in parallel with their main degree in French Language and Literature or in Modern Languages and European Studies, a secondary study programme (Minor). The Department offers:

General Regulations of the Major-Minor Programme (in Greek)


For information on the current semester’s programme, please consult the Semester Programmes in the Students’ Area.