• Laboratory Méthodal OpenLab: Head Associate Professor Fryni Kakoyianni-Doa
Open and interdisciplinary laboratory for researchin the Methodology of the teaching/learning of languages and cultures
Laboratoire ouvert et interdisciplinaire pour la recherche en Méthodologie de l’enseignement/apprentissage des langues et des cultures

The “Open and Interdisciplinary Research Laboratory in the Methodology of Teaching/Learning Languages ​​and Cultures” (Méthodal OpenLab) is an open type lab (Open Lab) and promotes the establishment of corporate interdisciplinary and interuniversity collaborations in order to develop basic and applied research. Therefore, the laboratory aims to create interdisciplinary teams for higher level research, active participation in European and national research programs, new high level multidisciplinary research links, and support for every innovation opportunity.

The purpose of its work is also the optimal synergy between researchers and actors in the field of education and work, which are directly or indirectly related to the methodology of teaching/learning languages ​​and cultures.
Its research activities can be related to the following scientific fields: language and culture sciences (linguistics, language teaching, sociolinguistics, literature, translation sciences, philosophy of ideas), communication sciences and technologies, sociology of education, educational policy , educational technology, psychopedagogy.
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