The Research Centre for Gender Studies has received funding by the National Machinery for Women's Rights, Ministry of Justice and Social Order, in order to undertake research entitled "The gendered map of Cyprus Tertiary Education" (2009 – 2011).

RESEARCH: The Gendered Map of Cyprus Tertiary Education

1. Start date: September 2009

2. Rationale: Based on Action 2 of the National Action Plan for Gender Equality (2007 – 2013), the Gendered Map of Education in Cyprus should be ready by 2013, in order to record and improve the presence of genders in education.

3. Research aim: To investigate, record and critically present the qualitative and quantitative Gendered Map of Cyprus Tertiary Education.

4. Objectives: a) Quantitative investigation and record of genders' presence in all institutions of tertiary education in Cyprus – public and private – which includes the following aspects: number of males and females, age, educational qualifications, position, responsibilities, b) study and record of the relationship of women and men in public and private educational institutions (attitudes, dispositions, discourse and responsibilities), c) investigation and record of measures that facilitate or impend the presence and the relationship of genders in Cyprus Tertiary Education.

5. Methodology: Quantitative and Qualitative. Quantitative: a) collection of statistical evidence for academic/administrative staff and students concerning the aims of the research, b) questionnaire aiming to investigate attitudes and dispositions of representative sample of students and academic/administrative staff. Qualitative: Interviews of administrative and academic staff and record study. Method of analysis: content analysis.

6. Expected results: Completed study and record of the presence and relation of the genders in all institutions of tertiary education in Cyprus.