Welcome to the Research Centre for Gender Studies webpage!
The Research Centre for Gender Studies at the University of Cyprus is an Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Gender Studies, which was founded according to the University's Regulations for the establishment of Research Units. The research unit is self-funded and is under the aegis of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Education. The Centre for Gender Studies aims to conduct research, intervene and produce new knowledge as well as theoretical frames of respect and promotion of diversity in an environment of equality in the social, economic, political and scientific sector, in addition to unfolding the questioning and political frames in the issue of gender. Therefore, it aims to undertake research in the local, European and international context, as well as to configure new ideas and theories for the social gender, placing under contestation traditional perceptions and contributing actively to social change.
The Research Centre for Gender Studies supports the exposure of male and female students of the University Cyprus in the social, political and ideological issues with which the experience of the gendered subject is interwoven and it collaborates closely with the new interdisciplinary, interdepartmental minor programme in Gender Studies offered by the University of Cyprus, as well as with the UNESCO Chair in Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment of the University of Cyprus.
The principles of organization of the Centre are summarized in Self-funding, Interdisciplinary, Interdepartmental collaboration, as well as Collaboration with international research centres and local institutions and organizations.
The Director of the Research Centre for Gender Studies
Professor Mary Koutselini
Department of Education