The University of Cyprus has formulated a Strategic Plan for its developement in the period 2004-2020. By 2020 the University expects:
  1. that the University campus will be fully operational
  2. to offer programmes of studies in nine faculties (There are currently six faculties)
  3. to enrol a total of 10,000 students (7500 undergraduate and 2500 postgraduate, a ratio of 3:1)
  4. to employ at least 1000 academic and 1000 administrative personnel.
The most important strategic target of the University is the establishment of three new faculties:
  • Medical School – The University of Cyprus is pleased to announce the opening in September 2013 of its new Medical School
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Fine Arts
Other aims are the continued expansion of existing faculties and departments; greater support for research; increased emphasis on teaching; greater administrative support; formulation of internal evaluation review mechanisms; development of new and reinforcement of already existing activities; development of an e-university; reinforce student support .
The University has established cooperation with both European and Middle East universities. Opportunities for establishing affiliations with universities worldwide are being expected.