General Information

The Graduate School (GS) was officially established in January 2012 at University of Cyprus. The GS contributes significantly in the establishment and the promotion of the postgraduate studies at the University of Cyprus. The Graduate School coordinates the development, advancement and promotion of postgraduate programmes and also provides administrative support at the postgraduate programmes, ensuring the academic excellence and integrity. The programmes are still offered by the Academic Departments of University of Cyprus, without interfering in the operation and the academic work of the University’s Departments.

The GS differs from the other departments as it does not consist of departments but of their postgraduate programmes. In the effort to strengthen the appearance and the contribution of the University of Cyprus, as a higher educational and research institution of the country, the university adopted and applied substantial policies and provides valid information. The programmes are constantly enriched through collaborations with local, state and international institutions and developed curriculum for studies in foreign languages, beyond the language of Greek and Turkish.


  •  Haris Karathymios
    The program offered an up-to-date and targeted curriculum for new ICT skills and technologies applied in major critical infrastructure systems that are being used in our everyday life such as energy, water, telecommunication, transportation, and emergency response systems. Most importantly, the knowledge I gained from this program played a significant role in being able to secure a great job position (IT support/data analyst) upon returning to Athens
    Haris Karathymios
    ECE Department
  • Panos Ntoas
    "I enrolled in the UCY MBA Program to enhance my engineering background with techno-economic management skills. The Program did not disappoint, as it offers a wide selection of robust and carefully designed modules, taught by exceptional, industry-proven academics. Skills such as strategic thinking, teamwork and leadership are constantly infused into the diverse selection of students-professionals. Applying at the UCY MBA has proven to be an excellent investment".
    Panos Ntoas
    MBA Program
  • Owolabi Emmanuel Sokefun
    "Despite being in a primarily Greek-speaking country, I have been privileged to enjoy the top-quality education offered in UCY, delivered entirely in English. This has made UCY attractive to international students like me and has helped us settle in well".
    Owolabi Emmanuel Sokefun
    Biomedical Sciences
  • Izge Shanlitourk
    "I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the Biological Sciences department at the Biomedical Sciences program. This program stands out to me based on several reasons. Firstly, it has advanced research facilities with a friendly environment where high-quality research is pursued. Secondly, it offers challenging and high-quality education with a multidisciplinary approach. I perceive this as an opportunity not only to improve research abilities and knowledge with lots of seminars, and different course opportunities, but also to improve leadership, communication, and teaching skills"
    Izge Shanlitourk
    Biomedical Sciences
  • Lauren Ann Taylor
    "I have recently completed the MBA Program at the University of Cyprus. I believe that the Program has helped me in gaining theoretical knowledge, as well as in acquiring leadership skills, to become a top candidate for hire in the market. I was extremely impressed with the MBA team’s professionalism and applaud them on their ability to adapt and facilitate learning despite the many restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic"
    Lauren Ann Taylor
    MBA Program
  • Ayobami Fidelix
    With so many reputable schools in Europe, decoding where to study could be so overwhelming, it was a great choice choosing university of Cyprus. Besides being part of the “Evagoras" and "Praxandros" scholarships really opened me up to a world class academic environment with a higher chance to thrive and provide me the confident to align with my professional trajectory in the field of science and as per the weather, it's top notch.
    Ayobami Fidelix
    Department of Biological Sciences