The study programmes of the University are based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). An ECTS unit normally corresponds to a 25-30 hour workload per semester. Full-time status requires a course load of 18 ECTS per semester. Students carrying fewer credits are considered part-time.

Every semester the student enrolls in courses according to the requirements of his / her curriculum. As a rule, the student can enroll in a given semester of study in courses that represent up to 30 ECTS. In the summer period he can enroll in courses representing up to 15 ECTS. An increased load may be allowed in a given semester, beyond 30 and up to 45 ECTS, provided that there are special reasons submitted by the student to the Chairman of the department for approval, through a reasoned request accompanied by the detailed grade. Those students who wish to enroll to over 30 ECTS they should complete the special registration form which could be found in the announcements of the webpage of the Graduate School and submit it to the Graduate School.