The academic year at the University of Cyprus comprises two semesters: Fall Semester (September – December) and Spring Semester (January – May). Class attendance is compulsory.

The study programmes of the University are based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). An ECTS unit normally corresponds to a 25-30 hour workload per semester. Full-time status requires a course load of 18 ECTS per semester. Students carrying fewer credits are considered part-time.

The postgraduate programmes of each department are supervised by a three-member Postgraduate Programmes Committee, chaired by a Postgraduate Programmes Coordinator. The Coordinator may be the chairperson of the department or a member of the academic staff appointed by the chairperson. The other members of the committee are appointed by the Departmental Board. The Committee is appointed for a two-year term

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For every student in the Postgraduate Programme the department appoints an Academic Supervisor, whereas at the research stage of the Ph.D. a Research Supervisor is appointed. Students select a member of the academic staff to act as their Research Supervisor. The student's choice must be approved by the Postgraduate Programmes Coordinator. The Research Supervisor guides the students in their research and provides the necessary help and advice.

The postgraduate programmes of study at the Master level lead to a Master Degree award (M.A, M.Sc., M.Eng., MBA), and those at the Doctoral level lead to a Doctoral degree award (Ph.D). The award of a Master degree is subject to approval by the Departmental Board, while the award of a Doctoral degree is subject to approval by the University Senate. The final grade of the postgraduate degree is not written on the postgraduate diploma.

Fall Semester = Course registration is held on 1-2 September and the lessons begins on the first Monday or Thursday of the week after

Spring Semester = Course registration is held the week prior to the beginning of semester electronically by the students using theBannerWeb system.


Information on registration procedures as well as the registration time table could be found in the announcements of the Graduate School. Through the BannerWeb system the students can register up to 40 ects. Those students who wish to enroll to over 40 ects they should complete the special registration form which could be found in the announcements of the webpage of the Graduate School and submit it to the Graduate School offices. It is noted that there is a fine of €50 per course for late registrations within the semester. For the issuance of the student card, the students should contact the Express Service Office of the University at Tel: 22895555.

Students may add courses until the end of the first week of the beginning of classes, and may drop courses by the last day of the third week of the semester electronically. No courses may be added after this time, although courses may be dropped. From the fourth until the seventh week of each semester only withdrawal from a course is permitted and this is noted on the student's academic record. A student who does not officially withdraw or who does not attend a course or who does not take the final examinations is graded with zero.

In exceptional cases students may request a postponement of their studies. This postponement cannot exceed two full semesters. Students who wish to postpone their studies must submit their application form together with all required information to the Departmental Board who will forward the application with remarks to the Faculty Board for a decision. The Dean of the Faculty informs the student of the Board's decision which is simultaneously announced to the Chairman of the department and the Graduate School.

Students who wish to withdraw from the University of Cyprus inform in writing the Departmental Board who will forward its decision to the Dean of Graduate School.

Postgraduate studies are subject to the Postgraduate Studies Regulations. For more information, students must contact the Graduate School (tel. 22894044 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


Postgraduate Prospectus


Language of Instruction


Postgraduate programmes are taught in one of the official languages of the University (Greek or Turkish) or in another language with the approval of the Senate of the University.  The following programmes are taught in English: Economic Analysis, Financial Economics, MBA programme, Petroleum Engineering, Field Archaeology on land and Under the Sea, Cognitive Systems and TIME MBE. However, the Department of English Studies, the Department of French and European Studies and the Department of Turkish and Middle Eastern Studies may conduct their programmes in the language of their respective disciplines.

The international students of the University who attend a programme offered in a language other than the official languages of the Republic of Cyprus, are required to attend at least one course in "Greek language and Culture" before the completion of their programme.