The University of Cyprus offers a number of scholarships to postgraduate students, based on academic merit and financial need. These are either full scholarships (i.e. tuition fees and an annual stipend of equal to €8.000) or partial scholarships (i.e. tuition fees). The scholarships are addressed to newcomers PhD and Master students as well to enrolled PhD students. Their duration is for one academic year and may be renewed annually based on the students’ academic performance. 
 For more information at the announcement for the Postgraduate Programme Places & Scholarships “Evagoras and Praxandros” for the academic year 2019/2020: 

Scholarship for Syrian refugees

The University of Cyprus announces one (1) scholarship for Syrian Refugees who were forced to stop their studies and would like to studying in Cyprus. The scholarships is addressed only to new applicants of Syrian nationality who reside in Cyprus for admission in any postgraduate programme of the University of Cyprus in September 2019. The scholarship will cover the full amount of tuition fees applied to the selected programme of studies plus accommodation.

KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence PhD Student Scholarships

PhD Scholarships in the Department of Social and Political Sciences

Academic Scholarships "Central Bank of Cyprus" for Master Students of University of Cyprus

At this stage, there is no active application process for scholarships.

Academic Scholarships  of "Roys Poyiadjis" in memory of his beloved and diseased brother Alkis Poyiadjis



 Scholarships for Doctoral Students

These scholarships are addressed to the full time PhD students of the University of Cyprus who are already registered into courses.  The scholarships are granted for one academic year and are not renewable.  Those candidates who receive any other form of scholarship either from the University or from any other organization or who are employed at the University or to any other place are excluded from this scheme of scholarships.  The scholarships cover the tuition fees of two academic semesters as well as a scholarship allowance equal to 8.000Euro which is payable in two equal instalments of 4.000Euro.  The payment of the scholarship allowance during the fall and the spring semester respectively, will be subject to the approval of the UCY budget. UCY needs also to verify the registration of the PhD student in courses, research or writing stage.

Submission of applications for 55 scholarships to PhD Students for the academic year 2018-2019

Framework of Scholarships for Doctoral Students (in greek language)

Application Form for PhD Students


Scholarships addressed to Cypriot Expatriates and to citizens of non EU countries


The University of Cyprus is granting scholarships for postgraduate Master's degrees and PhD degrees. The scholarships cover all the fields of study and are addressed to Cypriots expatriates and to foreign nationals (from non EU countries). The aim of the scholarships is to develop and strengthen the relations and cooperation of the University of Cyprus with the Cypriots expatriates and to attract a large number of foreign students (Application Form for Scholarships). At this stage, there is no active application process for scholarships.

The scholarships cover




Duration of a scholarship



Criteria for Evaluation


The Departmental Councils or other subcommittees appointed specifically for this purpose are responsible for the evaluation of the candidates for the granting of a scholarship. The criteria for the evaluation are:

The Council of the Department when considering applications for granting a scholarship may take into consideration the socioeconomic status of the candidate or her/his family which consists of the social – marital status and by her/his gross annual income. In the case that the applicant is married with children the application will be treated differently and will get different weight during the evaluation.


Requirements for submitting an application for scholarship - Cypriot expatriates


Applicants must meet the following requirements in order to claim a scholarship:


Requirements for submitting an application for scholarship - Foreign Nationals


Applicants must meet the following requirements in order to claim a scholarship:


Scholars Obligations



Scholarship Application procedure


Interested applicants are requested to complete an application form, when the scholarships are announced. The application form must be submitted directly to the Coordinator of Postgraduate Studies of the relevant Department. Because there is a possibility that the University of Cyprus will receive a great number of applications for granting a scholarship in relation with the number of announced positions and the amounts allocated for this purpose, the University does not necessarily imply that the scholarship will be granted even though the interested candidate is admitted in a postgraduate program.