The Graduate School was formally established in January 2012, when the Department and postgraduate student representatives were appointed to the School Board, and the Dean and the Vice Dean of the School were elected. The Graduate School differs from the other Faculties of the University in that it does not comprise departments, but the graduate programmes of all departments instead. As, such the Graduate School does not have its own academic staff, but it has an administrative staff that provides support for the development, evaluation and promotion of the graduate education throughout the University, without intervening in the academic work of the Departments.
The objectives of the Graduate School for the first three years are the following:

  • To adopt quality assurance and measures for the evaluation of postgraduate studies in order to improve the education provided by the University of Cyprus.
  • To encourage interdepartmental programmes of study, including doctoral programmes and further synergies among the departments.
  • To assist the departments in obtaining external financial support for postgraduate studies and research.  Pursue external funding through local and international collaborations, advance learning and support a culture of inquiry that is disseminated globally as new knowledge.
  • To encourage the development of programmes of study in international languages other than Greek and Turkish.
  • To provide financial support to postgraduate students through scholarships and grants in exchange for research or teaching.

Dean of the Graduate School: Professor  Haridimos Tsoukas, Department of Business and Public Administration

Vice Dean of the Graduate School: Professor May Chehab,  Department of French and European Studies