The University of Cyprus was established in 1989 and it has earned a prominent place in World University Rankings. Its focuses on the academic excellence, as well as in research and teaching, is widely recognized from the international academic space, beginning from students and graduates upon to the biggest employers in the country. The University of Cyprus offers interesting, innovative and specialised Postgraduate programmes of study, in a wide range of cognitive subjects. The applicants are able to choose between 58 Master and 43 Doctorate programmes (30 of which are carried out in a foreign language), which offer specialised knowledge on their field of study. The graduates ensure their necessary requirements to strengthen their upward career.

I welcome you to the website of the Faculty of Graduate School of the University of Cyprus. The School started its operation on January 2012 in order to:

-Provides administrative support to the respective study programmes

-Ensure the consistency and integrity of academic study processes

-Coordinate the development, evaluation and promotion of postgraduate programmes throughout the University, with respect for the independence and specificity of each department

The postgraduate programmes offered by the University of Cyprus are dedicated to a wide range of the modern scientific specialties and are an important motive for everyone looking forward to get further knowledge in order to secure an international cooperation, in a strong and international professional environment.

Following the modern quality education and multidimensional scientific approach, studying at a Postgraduate programme of the University of Cyprus, offers specialized tools of knowledge and skills which will be key to an auspicious future and the upward career path. Particular emphasis is given to the development of applied research and international cooperation with the ultimate goal of creating knowledge and the contribution of the University to scientific progress and socio-economic development.

Professor Haridimos Tsoukas, Dean of the Graduate School


Postgraduate studies at the University of Cyprus, come to compliment the basic undergraduate studies, offering a stepping stone to personal development, an important factor in the field of employment. Due to the current intense competition for recognition in the professional arena, postgraduate studies are considered a valuable qualification for academic purposes if one wishes to continue on this trajectory, and a diversification asset for easier “mobility” in the local and international job market.

The University of Cyprus, committed to the principles, ideas and values it has been pursuing since its founding in 1989, continues to be established locally and internationally as an organization with a wide range of programmes of studies, internationally recognized academic staff, modern buildings, top distinctions at the international level, by showing a steady growth in teaching and research. Scientific entities for the production of new ideas and the development of specific educational opportunities, among others are the KOIOS Research Center of Excellence and the Research Center of Excellence in Biobanking and Biomedical Research.

Developing local, European and international synergies, with the upgraded, ergonomic, modern and expanding building facilities of Faculties and Departments, our university offers postgraduate students the unique opportunity to specialize in various fields and gain practical skills for connecting education with research and innovation. University of Cyprus students are dynamically integrated into the job market, and are trained to be individually responsible as members of the society.

The School of Postgraduate Studies as an integral part of the University of Cyprus plays a crucial role in our strategic planning. In the global intercultural climate that is being formed, the pursue of strong international bonds and the attraction of talented international students, are always a given and requested for the University of Cyprus, in order to reap benefits and form perspectives of applied networking.

Professor Tasos Christofides, Rector of the University of Cyprus

Excerpt from the text in the Guide to Postgraduate Studies 2021-2023



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