General Information

All academic departments of the University offer programmes of study at a  Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) level in a wide range of subjects. Postgraduate places for Doctoral programmes are announced by each department. Students will not be formally accepted to a programme until the approved number of places have been  announced.

Postgraduate programmes are taught in one of the official languages of the University (Greek or Turkish) or in another language with the approval of the Senate of the University:

The international students of the University who attend a programme offered in a language other than the official languages of the Republic of Cyprus, are required to attend at least one course in "Greek language and Culture" before the completion of their programme.

*NOTE* Our PhD in Clinical Psychology is a 5-year programme, which includes an overall of 1500 hours of training and leads to a professional license in the respective field. Entering the programme can be achieved only for applicants holding a Bachelor Degree in Psychology. Holding a Master Degree is not obligatory in order to apply for this PhD Programme.