Requirements for Master Degree
  • Class attendance for a minimum of three semesters. The period of study may be extended for up to eight academic semesters.
  • Successful completion of 90-120 ECTS at the postgraduate level (90 ECTS or more than 120 ECTS if the programme includes practical exercise), in accordance with the provisions of the programme of studies of the relevant department.
  • If the Programme includes a thesis, then the workload attributable to the thesis must not exceed half of the total workload of the Programme. The Master's thesis should make a significant contribution to science.
  • One of the courses in the Programme can be an undergraduate course from another Department, which is expected to be of advanced level and will count towards the completion of the required credits of the Postgraduate Programme. It is understood that the credits of each course are recognised only once.
  • A student who has successfully completed courses in the context of another Postgraduate Programme may be awarded up to 24 credits, provided these credits do not correspond to more than two courses.
  • A Dissertation written in the framework of another postgraduate programme does not exempt the student from a possible obligation to write a Dissertation for the student’s own programme.
  • Other criteria set by the department, which may include the submission of a thesis. Students with a Master thesis from another postgraduate programme are not exempted from the requirement to submit a Master thesis for the current programme. If a thesis is rejected, the student is allowed to resubmit the thesis once more. Each Department is responsible for defining resubmission procedures.
Preparation and Evaluation of Master Theses
  • The manner of elaboration and evaluation of master theses as well as their possible minimum and maximum extent are regulated by partial internal rules.
  • The way of preparing and evaluating the dissertations Master's theses are evaluated independently by at least two judges.
  • Master's theses are graded numerically or qualitatively with the marks Excellent, Very Good, Good and Failure. The final qualitative or numerical grade for the Master’s degree thesis is not taken into account in the calculation of the Grade Point Average (GPA).
  • In case of rejection of the dissertation, the student is entitled to resubmit the dissertation once again. The department is responsible for defining the procedures that will apply in this case. The resubmission of the dissertation must be done within the eight semesters which is the maximum duration of study of a master's student.