One of the objectives of the Graduate School is to ensure the quality of assurance and measures for the evaluation of the postgraduate programmes and of the degrees awarded by the University of Cyprus. The Graduate School also aims in the upgrade and strengthen of the postgraduate programmes of study and to improve the quality support offered to the students and to the academic departments of
the University.

Among the objectives of the School are also the encouragement of participation in European programmes of study, the cooperation with other universities, and the attracting of students from Cyprus, Europe and other countries.

The University also aspires in the strengthening of the relations of the academic community with the society, to enhance productivity in research and to further encourage the development of postgraduate studies.

As it is known a large number of postgraduate students are employed in the research programmes of the University of Cyprus and the establishment of the Graduate School is expected to develop even more the research environment that will attract more academics and researchers and will increase the income from competitive research programmes.