General Information

The Department of History and Archaeology was established in 1996 to promote the study of the human past in the Mediterranean and the broader European region. Its chief activities consist of teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and conducting postgraduate and academic research. In the field of archaeology, the Archaeological Research Unit (ARU) of the University of Cyprus was founded in 1992-93, and has been functioning under the Department's aegis since 1996.

At the local, European and international levels, the Department of History and Archaeology has developed into a distinguished centre for the study of the history, archaeology and art of Cyprus, the wider Greek world, the Eastern Mediterranean and Western Europe, thus constituting a potent driving force for the valorization and preservation of the island's cultural heritage. The Department's academic and research staff carry out cutting-edge research in Cyprus and abroad, which often involves coordinating or taking part in major national, European and international research projects. Furthermore, they train tomorrow's scholars both in the classroom and in the field, furnishing them with the requisite methodological tools and background knowledge for a successful career in the world of culture and education. Above all else, the Department focuses on instilling core ethical values, stimulating critical thinking, spurring creativity and the ability to engage in healthy discourse as a way to meaningfully contribute to Cyprus' scientific, social and cultural advancement and its productive integration in today's globalized world.

The Department offers a joint degree in History and Archaeology. The degree allows graduates to undertake postgraduate studies in either of the aforementioned fields, as well as to seek employment at a variety of sectors, bodies and institutions, such as Secondary Education, the Archaeological Service, the Diplomatic Service, research centres, archives, cultural foundations, museums and galleries etc.