COURSE STRUCTURE - SPECIALIZATION IN ARCHAEOLOGY: The Programme of Studies in Archaeology comprises 45 subjects, structured as follows:

12 Courses (Compulsory):

6 Introductory level 100 courses in Archaeology

6 Introductory level 100 courses in History


The following 4 courses (Compulsory):

Introduction to Environmental Archaeology


Introduction to Maritime Archaeology

Intoduction to the History of Western Art (4th - 18th century)


9 Level 200 courses in Archaeology distributed among the following thematic areas (Compulsory):

    2 Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology

    3 Classical Archaeology (Sculpture, Vase painting or  Monumental painting and Architecture)

    2  Byzantine Archaeology (Byzantine Architecture, Painting and / or Iconography, Post-Byzantine Art)

    1 Byzantine Archaeology or History of Art: Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque

    1  Material Culture of Modern Times


3 Level 200 elective courses offered by the Department in History or Archaeology

3 Level 300 courses (Seminars) in Archaeology


8 courses from the Faculty of Letters:

3 Courses in Ancient Greek Philology

2 Courses in Latin Philology

1 Course in Byzantine Philology

2 Courses in Modern Greek Philology


3 Free Elective courses


3 Courses in a Foreign language





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