About the Department


The Department of History and Archaeology works towards the promotion of knowledge and research in the disciplines of History and Archaeology. Its chief activities are teaching (both undergraduate and postgraduate) and research. Research is carried out at post-graduate and academic level. In the field of archaeology, the Archaeological Research Unit (A.R.U.) is also highly active. The A.R.U. was founded in 1992, and, since 1996 it has functioned within the Department of History and Archaeology (see separate section below).

The Department offers a joint degree in History and Archaeology. The degree allows our graduates to seek employment in a large number of sectors, bodies and institutions, such as Secondary Education, the Archaeological Service, the Diplomatic Service, Research Centres, Archives, Cultural Foundations, Museums, Galleries, etc.

The Study Programme of the Department provides rigorous academic preparation in the two disciplines, and functions in close relationship with the other two departments of the faculty of Letters, as well as with departments of other Faculties of the University. This offers graduates of the Department of History and Archaeology the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue a career in Secondary Education. The programme also prepares students who want to continue their studies at a post-graduate level. The specialisation in Archaeology further ensures that those students who want to follow a career in this field acquire the necessary practical training during the course of their studies.