Erasmus International Placements Incoming


Under the Erasmus+ International Mobility programme, a University in a Partner Country with which an Erasmus International agreement exists can send its students to the University of Cyprus to be placed at the University of Cyprus or a company or an organization outside the university to acquire their first practical experience.

Incoming Students may be exchanged for 2 to 12 months depending on the provisions of the agreement.

Incoming students are funded through the Erasmus+ programme and receive a travelling allowance and an allowance for their accommodation and living expenses.

Incoming Students for placements need to apply first to their Home Institution and receive the initial guidelines from them.

Once the partner institutions select their students they send the nominations to the University of Cyprus


Once the nominations are accepted Erasmus International Incoming Students (for placements) need to send an e-mail together with a recent CV expressing their interest to undertake an Erasmus+ Traineeship within the University of Cyprus mentioning the area in which they would like to conduct a traineeship or outside the university to a company or organization.

If the request is accepted students need to complete and sign a Learning agreement with the assistance of their supervisor at the receiving unit.

Students also need to provide a Language Certificate Level B2 for the English and/or Greek Language (official language certificates such as IELTS, IGCSE, and TOEFL are accepted plus certificates from the home university or its Language Centre provided the student attended language courses at the home university up to Level B2 which can be shown on the grades report that will be provided) 

For more information please contact the Mobility Office, International Relations and Development Sector, International Relations Service at

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel. +35722893112/+35722894283/+35722894281