Welcome to the International Relations Service!

The mission of the International Relations Service is to provide additional value to the University of Cyprus through the enhancement of its presence in the international Higher Education Area, through international networking, mobility and partnership development, as well through its promotion internationally and the recruitment and support of students and staff from the international arena.

The accomplishment of the Service’s goals is achieved through the various activities of its two Sectors:

International Recruitment and Promotion Sector

The International Recruitment and Promotion Sector aims to the promotion of the University of Cyprus internationally, aligning with the strategic target of the University for Internationalisation.

Within this framework the Sector, through its International Recruitment Office, is responsible for the implementation of the Action Plan for the Recruitment of International Students, whilst allowing the University of Cyprus to become a point of reference for both international students and staff. The actions that are organised towards this end, consist of various activities such as the participation of the University of Cyprus at international education fairs, the promotion of its programmes of study (undergraduate and postgraduate level) through reputable online platforms, the advertising of the University of Cyprus in printed and digital Media, as well as on social media. Moreover, the International Recruitment and Promotion Sector, is responsible for the preparation of informative and promotional material.

At the same time, another essential activity of the Recruitment and Promotion Sector, is the support it provides, through its International Students and Staff Office, to international students and staff. The Office provides guidance and support before, during and after the arrival to Cyprus, on matters such as the issuing of entry permit visas and the issuing and renewal of residence permit cards and healthcare information.  Additionally, the International Students and Staff Office is responsible for organizing activities for students and staff, in an effort to make them more familiar with the University of Cyprus, and Cyprus in general.

International Relations and Development Sector

The International Relations and Development Sector aims to promote the work of the University of Cyprus in the international arena, to promote international relations, the mobility of students and staff, as well as other international collaborations and activities of the University of Cyprus, contributing to the University's strategic goal for Internationalization.

In the framework of this effort, the Sector coordinates and oversees the procedures for the conclusion and implementation of Bilateral Cooperation Agreements, develops partnerships with universities, networks and organizations, Embassies and other international bodies, and organizes visits of delegations to the University of Cyprus. It also supports the development of international research collaborations and the attraction of academics/researchers in research programs, as well as the development of international educational collaborations. At the same time, it coordinates the initiatives for the establishment of international Institutes/Centres at the University of Cyprus, in collaboration with universities / organizations abroad.

It manages the mobility of students / new graduates and staff under the Erasmus+,Erasmus+ International Programme and other Bilateral Agreements of Cooperation and Mobility Programmes.

It also develops other activities, such as the management of winter and summer schools with the participation of students from abroad, the participation in projects related to international relations, the organization of activities for the development and promotion of international cooperation in research, education and science, the preparation of information and promotional material and its dissemination for the holding of conferences and meetings at the University of Cyprus.