The International Relations Sector of the International Relations Service, is responsible for the promotion of the Internationalization Strategy of the University, through the coordination of all activities aimed towards its implementation. These activities include, for example, the recruitment of students from the international arena, through the implementation of the respective Strategy. This involves the participation of the University in Educational Exhibitions (with physical presence or online) in Cyprus and abroad, the preparation of promotional material and the participation in online platforms. At the same time, an important part of the implementation of the UCY Internationalization Strategy is the signing of Bilateral Agreements of Cooperation with Universities outside Cyprus, which provide, amongst others, for the exchange of students and staff, the co-organization of conferences and the offering of joint programmes. The International Relations Sector has the sole responsibility for the process, but also the implementation of these Agreements. It is also the contact point with the Networks and Associations the University of Cyprus is a member and has an active participation (such as EUA, ACU, UNICA, SGroup-Universities in Europe, IAU) and is responsible for the administrative support of the representation of the University in projects and meetings of these Networks / Associations.

The International Relations Sector is also responsible for organizing visits and hosting foreign delegations at UCY, while it is the point of contact of the University with the Cypriot and Greek of the Diaspora. At the same time, it offers administrative support to the International Relations Committee, while managing, on behalf of the Committee, Budget Articles 3/319 - Bilateral Cooperation Agreements and 3/314 - Subscriptions, Contributions and Representation in Foreign Universities and Organizations.
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