Τhe Department of Law was founded in 2006. Its mission is to provide excellent legal education to students and practitioners from Cyprus, Greece and beyond.

Vision: The Department is leading the study of Cypriot law and its development in a way that responds to the demands of modern society and the challenges at international and European level, without neglecting our roots and the position of Cyprus in the European legal tradition. Legal studies in the programs offered by the Department aim to develop critical legal thinking, combining theory, specialized knowledge and practical problem-solving.

Research and Dissemination: The Department is also active in the development and expansion of scientific research. The active participation of academic staff in international, European and domestic research activities and programs is remarkable. The Department organises a variety of research events covering a wide range of legal subjects, relevant to both the academic and non-academic world.

Legal Studies

Undergraduate Law Programme: The undergraduate law programme was initiated in the academic year 2008-2009. It constitutes the first recognised law degree in Cyprus and one of the most demanding curricula on the island. The first law students graduated in June 2012.

The Law Department offers a single, integrated law degree with Cypriot law as the key reference point, examined from a historical, comparative and international perspective (Cyprus law in context). References to Greek and English law are made in this context, especially in subjects where the influence of Greek or English law on the Cypriot legal order is more pronounced. The programme aims at cultivating the legal method employed by the students rather than the mechanical application of legal rules.

Undergraduate law studies have to respond to both the very important but also the complex social role of lawyers in society and the high requirements of bodies in Cyprus and abroad responsible for granting and recognising the rights of lawyers to practice. The University is responsible for the comprehensive training of future lawyers, familiarising them with the practical problems that arise and providing them with the necessary knowledge and methodology to deal with novel complex legal problems. Competent bodies complete and certify the vocational training of new lawyers.

Postgraduate Programmes: The Department of Law is offering a graduate research programme of the PhD in Law since September 2018. Additionally, the Department is currently running the first postgraduate law programs (LLM) since January 2019.