The University of Cyprus provides on-campus self-catering accommodation to a limited number of students. Information on rents, criteria and application procedures is available through the Housing Office of the Affairs and Student Welfare Service (all registered students may apply for accommodation at the Housing Office). The University can accommodate a limited number of students in single, self-catering study / bedrooms in the Student Halls located at the New Campus, and in private apartments located off-campus. For more information and application forms, please contact the Housing Office – email:

Alternatively, students may search for off-campus accommodation on their own. Around the University, as well as throughout the city of Nicosia, there are apartments available for rent.

Erasmus+ students attending the University of Cyprus are οffered limited number of rooms, with priority given to students coming for two semesters (on a “first come first served” base). Erasmus+ students should inform the Housing Office of their accommodation needs by June 30 for the Fall Semester and November 30 for the Spring Semester.

There is a number of restaurants and cafeterias within the University areas, operating on commercial terms but with controlled prices.

Living expenses in Nicosia can be high. Your own expenditure will depend on your lifestyle and the funds available to you. You should expect to spend more than usual in the first couple of weeks as you establish yourself, but your expenses should soon settle down, allowing you to manage your monthly budget carefully.