Maritime Archaeology Outreach Bus (MOB): Cyprus

MARELab collaborates with the Maritime Archaeology Trust on the project "Maritime Archaeology Outreach Bus (MOB): Cyprus", funded by the Honor Frost Foundation. The project involves the design and mounting of the exhibition of the Maritime Οutreach Βus ( This is a mobile resource facility designed to host exhibitions on maritime cultural heritage. The MOB, based in the United Kingdom, visits schools and public spaces around the world.

The MOB exhibition, which will be both in Greek and in English, focuses on the maritime cultural heritage of the island. Particularly, the following general topics are presented: (1) How underwater archaeologists work, (2) Managing underwater antiquities, (3) Shipwrecks from Prehistory to this day, and (4) Anchorages, ports and harbours. The exhibition includes posters and photographs of sites in Cyprus, videos and computer presentations. Visitors will be encouraged to participate in educational activities in an area around the MOB, aiming to offer hands on experience on the topics of (1) diving, (2) underwater excavation, (3) documentation and interpretation of ancient shipwreck sites, and (4) ancient shipbuilding.

The Maritime Outreach Bus will be visiting schools and public places in all the districts of Cyprus from the 5th of May, until the 15th of June 2017.

For the detailed programme of the visits click here.



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Educational Programmes at Primary Schools
MA.RE.Lab conducts educational programmes at primary schools aiming to inform people and raise public awareness on issues concerning the maritime archaeological heritage and the nautical tradition of the island.
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Researcher's Night
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