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At the UCY MBA Program, you will become part of a collaborative community of diverse backgrounds, excellent academic credentials, and promising leadership and entrepreneurial potential. Benefit from your active participation in class through critical thinking, constructive ideas, interactive discussions, and practical examples.

Why the UCY MBA


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  • Alexios Stefanidis
    Studying for my MBA at UCY was a transformative and life-changing experience. The learning process of the Program is formed through a unique combination of exceptional knowledge taught in class, top-notch Professors who go beyond teaching to serve as mentors and the structure of the curriculum itself. Through this journey, I have enhanced my communication and leadership skills, unlocked my entrepreneurial potential, learned how to better focus my energy and how to master time. In the search for discovering the limits of one’s capabilities, the UCY MBA offers, not just another step, but a giant leap
    Alexios Stefanidis
    MBA Program
  • Chrystalla Mallouppa
    I chose the MBA Programme of the University of Cyprus as it satisfied my needs and criteria. My MBA studies at UCY helped me to view managerial functions from a different perspective, and to draw relations with my organizational setting, based on my prior experience.  Many of the subjects taught, the assignments and projects I completed during my MBA studies, have proved very useful in my professional work, particularly now that I have managed to become the first female Director of PWD since its establishment. My UCY MBA degree was a strong asset in my ascent to the Directorship. The Program was demanding, but also highly rewarding; it helped me develop a broad perspective of policies and management issues, which are of paramount importance in my present position.
    Chrystalla Mallouppa
  • Christos Kouyountas
    Joining the MBA program of the University of Cyprus was one of the best decisions I ever made.  Thank you for all the knowledge and the experience. I am truly grateful!
    Christos Kouyountas
  • Ekaterina Okshina
    The diversity of the program and teamwork allowed me to exchange ideas and experiences with students from different parts of the world. Also, I was surprised on how helpful and devoted the professors were, always willing to assist on any professional or academic issue
    Ekaterina Okshina