State of the Art Teaching Facilities

The new University Campus is located on the outskirts of east Nicosia, between Aglantzia and Athalassa, and covers an area of approximately 1.2 square kilometers.

An international architectural competition was held in 1992 for the design of the New Campus. The winning designs served as the basis for the final Master Plan, which was completed in 1994 and approved in 1998, at which time building commenced.

The Master Plan conceptualizes the Campus in four distinct zones: public buildings, academic buildings, sports facilities, and student residences.

The MBA Program’s offices and lecture halls are housed in the new Campus in a new modern building with state-of-the-art facilities. The School of Economics and Management buildings were completed in July 2010.


The UCY Library

The UCY Library serves the learning and information needs of the University community and also meets the information needs of the broader public.




The Library has more than:

  •   270.000 books (with an annual increase of about 12.000 new titles)
  •   70.000 volumes of periodicals
  •   E-journals collection features 25.000 titles
  •   Access to 230 databases
  •   E-books collection features 50.000 titles

The University of Cyprus Library is the first library in Greece and Cyprus to be awarded this level of distinction and constitutes a very effective resource further enhancing student learning.

The Library has achieved, the EFQM award Recognized for Excellence with 3 stars.  This distinction is the second out of three EFQM award levels regarding the administration and management of organizations or parts of them.



To encourage the University community (students and personnel) to participate in sports activities, a wide variety of activities is offered.

The Sports Centre recognizes that sports is a broad term and that different people want and expect different things from a sports program. In response to this, the sports program has been divided into several broad categories, as follows:




Recreational Sports

This group of activities is for people who want to improve their overall level of physical fitness.  The aim of the University is to make sports an inseparable part of university life.

Internal Championships

Internal championships are open to the entire University community (undergraduate and postgraduate students, academic and administrative personnel).  Emphasis is placed on participation as much as winning.  They offer a way to improve overall physical fitness, they develop skills and techniques in a variety of sports, and they are fun.

International regulations apply to all matches/competitions.  The University appends its own, stricter regulations related to discipline, since the Sports Centre respects and enforces Olympic principles.  All games are moderated by referees from official sports associations in Cyprus.  The Sports Centre is fully responsible for the organization and supervision of all matches/competitions.


Competitive Sports

This program is designed for those who take sports more seriously and for those who wish to compete as members of the University teams.  Experienced coaches oversee the training of these teams.  University teams participate in the following competitions:

  • Cyprus Association of University Sports Championships
  • International Tournaments in Cyprus and abroad
  • Pan-Hellenic Championships (EATE)
  • European Championships (EUSA)
  • World Championships (FISU)


Sports and the Community

Sports has very rightly been called the greatest social phenomenon of the 20th century.  It is in this spirit that the Sports Centre hopes to make its contribution to Cypriot society at every opportunity available.


Student Sports Clubs

This academic year, the University of Cyprus will offer the following basic Student Sports Clubs:
  • Squash
  • Futsal

There are additional programs, which operate on a seasonal base:

  • Skiing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Windusrfing
  • Rowing
  • Water ski
  • Table Tennis
  • Trampoline
  • Any other sport which can serve the philosophy of the program