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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology


Graduate students are awarded the M.Sc. degree in Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology after successfully completing the required programme of study, succeeding in the Comprehensive Examination and successfully defending and writing their Ph.D. thesis.
Requirements for the acquisition of the Ph.D. Degree in Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology
The programme of study leading to the Ph.D. degree in Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology requires the completion of at least of 240 ECTS in graduate level courses (beyond any taken for the Bachelors degree) and research work distributed as follows:
Selective compulsory Courses: 48 ECTS
– Course selection from Group B
Thesis Research (MME 801-816): 160 ECTS
Graduate Seminar I-IV (MME 601-4) 8 ECTS
Selection of at least one of the following: 24 ECTS
– Additional coursework outside MME or from Group B
– Additional coursework from Group A
– Independent Study (MME 605)