! Greek Online language learning !

The School of Modern Greek aspires to reach out to even more students who are eager to become acquainted with the Greek language and culture and offer them access to quality language classes anywhere around the globe!  Offering an alternative to the conventional language classes provides a unique opportunity for Greek and Cypriot expatriates to preserve their ties with their home countries by cultivating and expanding their knowledge of the Greek language and culture. Through online teaching, the learners will have the opportunity to interact in real-time with our experienced and high-qualified teachers and with their fellow students from all over the globe.

If you are interested in taking online lessons at the School of Modern Greek at the University of Cyprus please fill in our questionnaire. The participants will have the opportunity to enter a draw for the chance to win one (1) of the two (2) scholarships to study in the first circle of our lessons.

Please disseminate the questionnaire to friends and family members who may be interested in joining our online Greek language and culture lessons.