The School of Modern Greek was founded in 1998 and is currently under the aegis of the Faculty of Letters. 

The main objective of the School is to teach the Greek language to non-native speakers, nationals and foreigners, as well as to those who wish to perfect their knowledge of Greek. The students of the School include among others members of the academic community, immigrants residing in Cyprus, Turkish Cypriots, non Greek speaking residents of Cyprus, asylum seekers and members of foreign diplomat missions.

Currently the School of Modern Greek is the leading provider of Greek language courses in Cyprus and the Greek language competence certificates awarded to its students have been officially accredited and recognized by the Republic of Cyprus.

The teaching staff has a special interest in teaching Greek as a foreign or second language since their research work is directly related to Greek language teaching.

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! Greek Online language learning !

The School of Modern Greek aspires to reach out to even more students who are eager to become acquainted with the Greek language and culture and offer them access to quality language classes anywhere around the globe!  Offering an alternative to the conventional language classes provides a unique opportunity for Greek and Cypriot expatriates to preserve their ties with their home countries by cultivating and expanding their knowledge of the Greek language and culture. Through online teaching, the learners will have the opportunity to interact in real-time with our experienced and high-qualified teachers and with their fellow students from all over the globe.

If you are interested in taking online lessons at the School of Modern Greek at the University of Cyprus please fill in our questionnaire. The participants will have the opportunity to enter a draw for the chance to win one (1) of the two (2) scholarships to study in the first circle of our lessons.

Please disseminate the questionnaire to friends and family members who may be interested in joining our online Greek language and culture lessons.



The School of Modern Greek offers Greek language certification exams for B2 and C2 level twice a year. The exams are offered to those who have a degree from departments in which the language of instruction is not Greek.
The exams will be held in the third week of December and the fourth week of May. The cost of the exam is 75 euros.
For more information, contact the Secretariat of the Greek Language School (tel. 22892028, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

! ANNOUNCEMENT !We inform you that the next exams for the certificate in Greek language, levels C2 and B2 will be on 26th of May 2022, 09:30-14:30, Central buildings, Kallipoleos 75, class A008.

For more information, please call the secretary of the School of Modern Greek (22892028). 



If you have any knowledge of Modern Greek but you do not have a relevant Language Certificate, or you do have a Certificate older than 18 months, then you must undertake a placement test on Saturday 2nd of July 2022, 10:00-13:00, in the classrooms A007, A008, E116.



In order to register to a course you must start the registration process by applying on-line



The School of Modern Greek undertakes the writing, correction and translation of texts of all kinds in Greek as well as the linguistic editing of publications in Greek. According to the rules of operation of SMG (§ 17) the fees are set at € 11 per page of 250 words.



The School does not offer accommodation to students. However, students in the European exchange programs and groups of guest students can apply for housing to the Student Welfare Service of the University.



Greek Language Courses
The aim of the language courses is to give students competency and basic communication skills in the Greek language corresponding to the level of their course. This provision aims to identify difficulties foreign speakers may encounter during their daily contact with the Cypriot society, as well as to provide students with a fuller picture of the Greek language varieties.

Greek Civilization Courses
Greek civilization courses are comprised within the lengthier course programs, and are offered to all students from the beginner level. They address cultural and social issues of Modern Greek society.

Non Intensive Course

Α1, Α2, Β1, Β2, C1, C2

2 semesters per level
(26 weeks)
6 156 400 €


Intensive Course


Α1, Α2, Β1, Β2, C1, C2 1 semesters per level
(13 weeks)
September- December


400 €
Intensive Summer Course


Α1, Α2, Β1, Β2, C1, C2


6 weeks


25 150 400 €
*Erasmus Course


Α1, Α2, Β1, Β2, C1, C2


1 semester (13 weeks)
September - December
January - April
6 78

Free of Charge for Erasmus at the University of Cyprus

200 € for Erasmus from other host institutions

*Any erasmus student can also enroll in one of the other programmes offered at the School of Modern Greek. If the host institution is the University of Cyprus then the courses are free of charge, otherwise the fees are the same as any other student. The programme chosen must be a duration equal to their stay at the University of Cyprus.

** Details regarding the Program as well as the Tuition Fees are subject to change.



A teaching unit lasts fifty minutes.Attendance is compulsory for all courses.At the completion of each course, a certificate of the School of Modern Greek is issued to all students who have attended courses regularly and successfully completed both the written and oral examination. The certificate records the course title, course level, student attendance, total course hours and the final grade.


No certificate is issued to:

Students who have not taken the final written and oral examination. Students who have failed the final written and oral examination. Students who have not fulfilled their financial obligations to the School of Modern Greek.

In case of interruption of studies, a certificate of attendance recording the period/hours that the student attended the School courses may be issued on demand.



Tuition fees are as follows:

400€ for the Intensive Summer Course (six weeks). 400 € for the One-Semester Intensive Course (13 weeks). For students participating in the European Union exchange programs the course is free of charge. 400 € for the Two-Semester Course (26 weeks).


The following are exempted from paying fees:

a) Erasmus students who have enrolled and are attending classes at the University of Cyprus
b) Members of the academic and administrative staff of the University of Cyprus (according to Senate decisions)
c) Students of the University of Cyprus
d) Turkish Cypriot.


There are no provisions for a reduction in fees.

All fees are paid to the bank account of the School of Modern Greek before the beginning of courses. Information about payment are given by the secretary of the School.



Students enrolled in the School of Modern Greek are entitled to use all the facilities of the University of Cyprus, the athletics center, the coffee shop and the student restaurant, the computer center and the library. Students of the School of Modern Greek are bound by the same regulations as the students of the University of Cyprus.



An intensive course (four weeks long) is especially designed for Erasmus students who are planning to attend courses at the University of Cyprus. If this course is not provided (due to the limited number of Erasmus students), exchange students from European Union member countries may enroll in any program offered by the School of Modern Greek (including the Summer intensive course) free of charge. They can also participate free of charge to all the cultural activities included in the summer intensive course or any other course of the School of Modern Greek. Summer course is credited with 12 credits where as the other programs with 12 credits, provided that a student completes the course successfully.

Application of Erasmus students to attend Greek language courses should reach the School of Modern Greek by 30 June every year.

Upon arrival in Cyprus, Erasmus students must contact the Service for Research, International and Public Relations, as well as the Academic Affairs and Student Welfare Service, which will assist them with accommodation, information, etc. The Academic Affairs and Student Welfare Service is the liaison office for exchange students and assists them in all aspects of their stay in Cyprus.



Students from non-European Union Countries who wish to attend courses at the School of Modern Greek must obtain a visa from the authorities of their country. Enrollment in the School requires prepayment of fees.

Certificates of enrollment are issued once the students have fulfilled their financial obligations to the School of Modern Greek.