Structure of the program of study

The programme can be completed in a minimum of 3 semesters and is credited with 90 ECTS.

During the first two semesters, 5 compulsories and 1 elective courses will be taught, three per semester. Each course is credited with 10 ECTS, so the maximum number of ECTS per semester is 30.

During the third semester, 1 elective course will be taught. In order to complete the remaining 20 ECTS, students have to conduct a Master thesis (20 ECTS) during the third semester.

During the summer semester, students will have the option to follow a “practical training in field archaeology” (ARC 615: 10 ECTS), which will be an elective.

The 250 hours of 10 ΕCTS* per course are allocated as follows:

  • 39 hours for class attendance,
  • 26 hours for course preparatory reading,
  • 120 hours for study,
  • 65 hours for essay writing/project implementation.

* 1 ECTS = 25 working hours

Writing and defending the master’s thesis is credited with 20 ECTS, as follows:

  • 10 ΕCTS for the research phase,
  • 9 ΕCTS for the writing phase,
  • 1 ΕCTS for the thesis defense, in front of a three-membered committee.

Compulsory courses

  • Five (5) courses
  • Master Thesis

Constrain Electives

  • Two courses
  • One course and a Practical training (Participation in Fieldwork Projects during the summer or 3rd semester)
Total  ECTS         90

Indicative Distribution of courses per semester

1st semester:

1 Compulsory Introduction to GIS Technologies in Archaeology ARC 653 10 ECTS
2 Compulsory Applications of GeoInformatics in Archaeology ARC 670 10 ECTS
3 Constrain Elective * Settlement and Landscape Archaeology ARC 650 10 ECTS
Constrain Elective * Maritime Cultural Landscape ARC 654 10 ECTS
Constrain Elective * Mediterranean Island Landscapes ARC 651 10 ECTS
Constrain Elective * Introduction to Cultural Heritage Management ARC 663 10 ECTS

* One Constrain Elective elective courses from those that are listed.

2nd Semester:

1 Compulsory Geospatial Analysis and Modelling in GIS (GIS II) ARC 673 10 ECTS
2 Compulsory           
Computational and Analytic Techniques in the
Humanities and Social Sciences
ARC 671 10 ECTS
3 Compulsory Advanced Topics in Digital Humanities ARC 699 10 ECTS

3rd Semester:

1 Compulsory Master’s Thesis                                                             20 ECTS
2 Constrain Elective* Constrain Elective* ARC XXX 10 ECTS
 *ARC 615 - Practical Training in Field Archaeology (Constrain Elective) is offered during Summer Semester