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Gendered Emotions in Byzantine Culture | Συναισθήματα και φύλο στον πολιτισμό του Βυζαντίου
International Colloquium

Emotions in History and Psychology: Time, Gender and Society
11 March 2023
Marie Blanch Library, Rafina, Greece
Constantinou Stavroula, Tsironi Niki
Χώρος/ Διοργάνωση: Βιβλιοθήκη Marie Blanche - Marie Blanche Library
source: Bodossaki Lectures on Demand



Listen to the University of Cyprus 14th podcast episode titled “Byzantium” with NetMAR Coordinator Assoc. Professor in the UCY Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies Stavroula Constantinou, interviewed by Marisa Lambiris, Head of the University Development and Alumni Relations office at UCY.