The role of the Scientific Board involves:
-Checking the compatibility of equipment and curriculum specifications with the Ministry of Education’s specifications as the minimum requirements for the nursery’s operation.

-Developing the Analytical Curriculum in cooperation with the school’s Principal and the Ministry of Education, both for the Nursery and the Kindergarten.

-Enriching the curriculum with pedagogically healthy and scientifically valid materials and activities, in order for the nursery to become a model nursery.

-Contributing to the staff’s constant professional development.

-Developing and monitoring evaluation procedures, constant formative as well as summative assessment at the end of every year, both for the staff as well as for the nursery in general.
The Scientific Board offers consultation related to educational issues and it consists of:
  • The Department of Education Chair or substitute at the time- Professor Mr. Leonidas Kyriakides
  • A representative from the Department of Psychology – Associate Professor Mr. Timos Papadopoulos
  • The person in charge of Preschool Education at the Department of Education- Ms. Eleni Loizou
  • Two representatives from other Schools who are designated by the Senate (parents)- Associate Professor Mr. Zacharias Zacharia and Professor Mr. Andreas Soteriou
  • The Business Director (no voting rights) - Officer Mr. Athos Chrysaphis
  • The School’s Principal (no voting rights) – Ms. Nasia Charalampous