Eligibility to apply for registration

Children of University of Cyprus students and academic/administrative staff, and of other interested residents in the Aglantzia area who are members of the «Lito Papachristoforou» Community Preschool and the University of Cyprus Nursery school Association, regardless of country of origin or ethnicity, who are either permanent or temporary residents in Cyprus, are eligible to apply for registering and studying at the school.
Hours of Operation
The school's operation hours are between 7:00-15:30. Furthermore, the school extends its Wednesday opening times to 18:00 between September-May in order to accommodate parents who work late in the afternoon.
Monthly fees for children attending school between 7:00-15:30 amount to €190 for the Preschool and €290 for the Nursery school. The aforementioned are not inclusive of any meals. There is an additional monthly charge of €50 for children staying at school between 15:30–17:30 (except Wednesdays). Wednesday afternoon stay is free of charge.
Child Insurance
Children's safety and health while in school premises is one of our main goals. For this reason, the Safety and Health Section of the HR Service has insured all children attending the «Lito Papachristophorou» Community Preschool and the University of Cyprus Nursery school for a yearly fee of €6 per child.
Our experienced and highly qualified staff is here to provide children with love, care, education as well as unique experiences during the first years of their lives. Our main concern is to individually support each child through quality education and through a sense of security, and also to help it develop as many abilities and skills as possible, in every department (physical, motor, psycho-emotional, cognitive and social).
There are two teachers in each class of the Preschool and Nursery school (a main teacher and an assistant).
The "Lito Papachristoforou" Preschool and the University of Cyprus Nursery School aim at promoting scientific research especially with regards to areas of critical importance in the Cypriot nursery and preschool education. Opportunities are hence granted by the school to conduct research which should inform policy makers on the most appropriate conditions of developing and educating preschool and nursery children, therefore aiming at changing and strengthening particular educational policies.
School Unit
Number of children per class (Nursery School)
The number of children per class should not be greater than 6 for the 4-24 months age group, and not greater than 16 for the 2-3 years old age group.
Number of children per group (Preschool)
The number of children per group should not be greater than 25. In mixed-age classes or in classes with children with special educational needs, the number should not be greater than 22. The above numbers are always in conjunction with classroom size.
Number of Groups
There are currently 3 Nursery groups and 3 groups for Preschool. The number can change upon the School Board's decision. Classes are adjusted as per the ages of children registering every school year.
School magazine, informational materials, website
The School management provides both the school staff and parents with information on a daily basis (mainly through the website and the school magazine, as well as through billboard materials) on seminars, events, workshops and anything else relating to their information and training around issues relating to the development and education of toddlers, infants and pre-schoolers.
The school magazine «Panepistimiaka Xamogela», published every quarter both digitally and in print, is distributed to parents and is available on the school's website (www.ucy.ac.cy/nursery). The website itself also provides useful information on all school-related matters, including its organization and operation. Moreover, parents are frequently informed by teachers and the school management on various matters, so that the best possible cooperation is achieved, leading to the children's smooth and creative development.
Events and activities
Various events, activities and lectures are organized by the school management every month, in which parents are invited to participate as well. Numerous specialists from within and outside the University of Cyprus address various issues and opinions that concern educators and parents. Additionally, children take part in numerous intra- as well as extracurricular activities, such as theatrical plays and visual art workshops, plantings, excursions, museum and other educational visits.