Our experienced and highly qualified staff is here to provide children with love, care, education as well as unique experiences during the first years of their lives. Our first objective is to individually support each child through quality education and through a sense of security, and also to help it develop as many abilities and skills as possible, in every department (physical, motor, psycho-emotional, cognitive and social). There are two teachers in every class of the Preschool and Nursery school. All members of our staff are University graduates with a BA in Pre-primary education and postgraduate degrees in various related areas.
The school also employs cleaning staff. Additionally, academic staff from the University's Department of Education regularly provides our staff with training and further development opportunities.
The University's nursing staff as well as numerous special scientists are always at the school's disposal should any needs arise.
Nursery School:
Green class (below 2 years): Katerina Hadjitoouli, Pavlina Petrou
Red class (below 2 years): Christofinia Argyrou, Mikaella Onoufriou
Yellow class (2-3 years): Stavri Stavrou, Constantina Koutsolefterou, Christina Pavlou
"Lito Papachristoforou" Preschool:
Blue class (3 years): Eliana Mousa, Despoina Ioannou
Red class (4 years): Elena Theodosiou, Victoria Michaelidou
Yellow class (Preschool): Antria Christodoulou, Katerina Theodorou
Nasia Charalambous
Administrative Staff:
Rafaella Nikolaou