The Supervisory Board of UCFS consists of four (4) faculty members: the Founder and Director of the Centre, the Head of the Department of Psychology and two additional faculty members appointed by the Board of the Psychology Department responsible for supervision.

Dr. Panayiotou graduated in 1991 from New College of the University of South Florida with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Sociology. She earned a Masters degree in 1994 and a Ph.D. in 1998 from Purdue University in Indiana, USA in Clinical Psychology. She completed her clinical internship at McLean Hospital of Harvard Medical School. She worked as assistant professor at Mississippi State University before her return to Cyprus. She has been at the Department of Psychology of the University of Cyprus since 2001. Her research interests are in the domain of Emotion and its role in the etiology and maintenance of psychopathology. She studies topics like differences in fear reactivity between groups with different pathologies, emotion regulation and coping. She directs the Clinical Psychology and Psychophysiology Lab and she is a founding member of the Center for Applied Neuroscience. She is a licensed clinical psychologist in Cyprus. As of May 2016 she is the Chair of the Department of Psychology. More


Dr Charis Psaltis was born in Cyprus. He is an Associate Professor of Social and Developmental Psychology at the University of Cyprus. He studied at the Pedagogical Academy of Cyprus (Teacher's Diploma, 1993), at the University of Cyprus (Degree in Primary Education, 1999), and at Panteion University, Athens (Degree in Psychology, 2000). He followed graduate studies at the University of Cambridge (MPhil, 2001 and PhD, 2005, in Social and Developmental Psychology). He also worked as a Post-doctoral researcher at the Oxford Center for the Study of Intergroup Conflict, Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford. He published papers in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, European Journal of Social Psychology, British Journal of Developmental Psychology, Culture & Psychology, Papers on Social Representations and Human Development. His book with Zapiti, A. entitled "Interaction, Communication and Development: Psychological Development as a social Process" will be published in April 2014 by Routledge. ISBN: 0415643872.http://www.amazon.com/Charis-Psaltis/e/B00GK9PDFC. In 2014 he was invited and joined the Editorial Board of the British Journal of Developmental Psychology. He is a founding member and president of the Cyprus Association of Social Psychology, founder and director of the Univeristy of Cyprus Centre for Field Studies and founder and co-director of the Genetic Social Psychology Lab in the Depertment of Psychology of the Univeristy of Cyprus. More


Dr. Michalis Michaelides is a Lecturer in Research Methodology at the Department of Psychology at the University of Cyprus since 2013. He graduated from Stanford University (PhD in Educational Psychology, MS in Statistics), Cambridge University (MPhil in Educational Research) and the University of Cyprus (BA in Education Sciences). He teaches courses in research methods, statistics, and psychometrics. In the past he has worked at The College Board, and he has taught at New York University, the European University Cyprus, and the Open University of Cyprus. He is on the editorial boards of the International Journal of Testing, Frontiers in Quantitative Psychology and Measurement, and Practical Assessment, Research and Evaluation. His research interests include conceptions about assessment and examinations, test equating, and methodological issues in test development, adaptation, and validation. More


Dr Kadianaki Irini received her first degree in Psychology at the University of Athens in 2005. She then completed an MPhil (2006) and a PhD (2010) degree in Social and Developmental Psychology at the University of Cambridge in the UK, with the support of the Alexander Onassis Public Benefit Foundation and Cambridge European Trusts (Vergottis Bursary). She is on the editorial board of the journal "Culture & Psychology". Since January 2011 she has been working as an Assistan  at the Department of Psychology, University of Cyprus. More