Dr.Androula Alekou (Postdoctoral Researcher CERN and University of Manchester) Why Physics? If the most frequent question you ask is “why?” or “how?” (even if that drives other people crazy) then you should think of being a Physicist. In a Physics degree you’ll learn how the fundamental laws of the Universe work from the smallest scale to the largest, have lectures that span from Newton’s law to Quantum Mechanics to the theory of relativity of Einstein and the wonderful world of Cosmology. Read more



Dr. Martha Konstantinou (Assistant professor, Department of Physics, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA) During my Ph.D., I participated in several research programs focusing on the field of Nuclear Theoretical Physics, and in particular, studies of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), the fundamental theory of the strong interactions. My collaboration with the University of Cyprus continued after my Ph.D., and in 2012 I served as a visiting Lecturer at the University of Cyprus. Read More



Dr. Mohsan Waseem Ather (Assistant professor, Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities, National University of Pakistan) I feel lucky to be a graduate of the Department of Physics at the University of Cyprus. The research and training that I gained during my Ph.D. helped me in establishing myself in academic circles. The Department of Physics at the University of Cyprus helped me to enter the biggest particle physics research collaborations at CERN where I got the opportunity to explore horizons of physics using the latest experimental data. Read More



Dr. Phanourios Tamamis  (Assistant professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M University, USA) My undergraduate and doctoral studies at the Department of Physics at the University of Cyprus have undoubtedly been decisive and laid the foundation for my subsequent career as a postdoctoral researcher at Princeton, and now as an assistant professor at the University of Texas A&M. The undergraduate program was well-structured to provide students with the fundamental principles of basic physics such as electromagnetism, thermodynamics and quantum mechanics. Read More



Marina Toumazou  (Data analyst and consultant) My years of studies at the Physics Department of the University of Cyprus (UCY) were a journey into science, through the eyes and knowledge of renowned professors and great scientists that I was lucky enough to meet. A long stroll through a huge library of knowledge from nucleons to black holes, from Newton’s apple to special relativity. Read More



Mikela Haraki  (Banking sector) Throughout all the years at the Department, my studies were quite demanding, difficult but gratifying. Numerous times I had to either stay awake through the night studying or to spend my entire weekend at the University to finish an assignment or a lab report. Today, however, I do not regret at all for all the sacrifices I have made, but on the contrary I am grateful and happy for the knowledge and skills I have acquired. Read More