I feel lucky to be a graduate of the Department of Physics at the University of Cyprus. The research and training that I gained during my Ph.D. helped me in establishing myself in academic circles. The Department of Physics at the University of Cyprus helped me to enter the biggest particle physics research collaborations at CERN where I got the opportunity to explore horizons of physics using the latest experimental data. Our research team lead by of an acclaimed professor, a post-doctoral fellow and many enthusiastic graduate students along with collaborators from MIT and the Helsinki Institute of Physics (HIP) took on the analysis of a very challenging signature of charged Higgs boson and established a baseline for future similar searches. All of this would not have been possible for me without a generous fellowship from the University of Cyprus and the financial assistance provided by the Department of Physics both of which contributed towards my living expenses during my graduate research. In addition, the financial support provided by the University and the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation for visits to CERN laboratories for collaborative work and research was an essential component. I graduated in 2019 and after a few months, I joined the National University of Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan as Assistant Professor and am now looking to establish a similar research collaboration here.