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The duration of studies towards the Doctoral (Ph.D.) degree is between 3.5 years (minimum) and 8 years (maximum).

To fulfill the requirements for the Ph.D. degree, a candidate must successfully complete at least 240 ECTS and must write an original Ph. D. thesis on an approved topic. The required 240 ECTS are comprised by 90 ECTS on coursework and 150 ECTS on work towards the Ph.D. thesis research and writing. The 90 ECTS on coursework include five (5) core compulsory graduate courses, three (3) specialization courses relevant to the subfield of the student’s area of specialization, and one (1) elective course on a subfield outside the student area of specialization. The possession of a M.Sc. degree can partially or completely exempt a student from the completion of the above 90 ECTS.

An essential requirement for the Ph.D. candidacy status is the successful completion of a Qualifying Examination in Physics.

At least one year prior to the final defense of the Ph.D. thesis, the Ph.D. candidate must present successfully a Doctoral Dissertation Proposal before a three-faculty member committee. The purpose of this Proposal is to evaluate the satisfactory progress of the student towards the completion of the Ph.D. degree, by assessing the originality, quality and quantity of the performed research.

The Doctoral Thesis should describe a significant piece of original and novel research, that contributes to the advancement of scientific knowledge in the Physics area of specialization. The final defense examination is conducted by a special five-member committee. The committee contains three Department faculty members (including the research advisor), and two external members, at least one of which should be appointed outside the University of Cyprus, and be an expert on the area of the presented research. The Ph.D. defense involves a seminar open to the public, followed by questions from the public and a closed session of the committee with the candidate. 


Curriculum and Courses: 

The compulsory core courses are similar to courses offered by graduate programmes at top Universities. In addition, a series of specialization courses offer a breadth that is consistent with the active research areas in the Department. 


Compulsory Core Courses                                       
PHY 625 - Quantum Mechanics I       10 ECTS
PHY 626 - Quantum Mechanics I  10 ECTS
PHY 631 - Electromagnetism       10 ECTS
PHY 641 - Statistical Physics 10 ECTS
PHY 811 - Experimental Physics 10 ECTS


Specialization Courses                                     
Three Specialization Courses  30 ECTS 
One Elective Course 10 ECTS 
PHY 870 - Ph. D. Research Stage I  30 ECTS 
PHY 871 - Ph. D. Research Stage II 30 ECTS 
PHY 872 - Ph. D. Research Stage III 30 ECTS 
PHY 873 - Ph. D. Research Stage  IV 30 ECTS 
PHY 880 - Ph. D. Thesis Writing Stage I 15 ECTS 
PHY 881 - Ph. D. Thesis Writing Stage II 15 ECTS 




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