Department of English Studies
Τel. +357 22895067, Fax +357 22750310, Website
Grohmann KleanthesProfessorTheoretical (Bio)linguistics, Syntactic Theory, Comparative Syntax, English Grammar and Diachrony, Cypriot Greek, (A)typical Language Development, Second Language Acquisition
Panagiotidis Efthyvoulos (Phoevos)ProfessorTheoretical Linguistics, Syntax, Structure of Greek, Language Acquisition and Change
Achilleos StellaAssociate ProfessorLiterature and Social / Cultural History of the Early Modern Period
Balasopoulos Antonis Associate Professor Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies
Floros GeorgiosAssociate ProfessorTheory of Translation and Interpreting, Text Linguistics, Translation Methodology
Margaroni Maria Associate Professor Literary Theory, Continental Philosophy, Feminist Thought and Gender Studies, Psychoanalysis
Varsamopoulou EvyAssociate ProfessorEnglish and Comparative Literature, Critical and Cultural Theory, Aesthetics
Kritsis KonstantinosAssistant ProfessorTheatre/Drama Translation, Theory of Translation and Interpreting, Interpreter Training, Community/Public service Interpreting
Vasso GiannakopoulouAssistant ProfessorLiterary Translation, Theater Translation, Shakespeare Reception, Translation Sociology, Translation History
Armostis SpyrosLecturerTheoretical Linguistics, Phonetics, Phonology, Sociolinguistics, Clinical Linguistics, Grapholinguistics, Cypriot Greek, Cypriot Arabic
Karpava SviatlanaLecturerApplied Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Sociolinguistics, Bilingualism and Multilingualism, Teaching and Education
Evi HaggipavluSpecial Teaching StaffContinental Philosophy 19th and 20th century, Existentialism, Histoy and Philosophy of Cinema, African-American Studies, Gender and Cultural Studies
Tziovanis GeorgakisSpecial Teaching StaffContinental Philosophy and 20th Century English Literature
Department of French and European Studies
Τel. +357 22894389, Fax +357 22894387, Website
Baider FabienneProfessorLinguistics, Gender Studies, Teaching and Learning French as a second language
Chehab MayProfessorFrench and Comparative Literature – European Studies – European Art and Cinema
Christias PanagiotisAssociate ProfessorPolitical, social and moral philosophy, General sociology
Kakoyianni-Doa FryniAssociate ProfessorLinguistics - Didactics of French as a Foreign Language
Toma Bogdan Iulian Assistant ProfessorFrench Literature
Constantinou-Papanicolaou Maria LecturerTranslation and Contrastive Studies
Christofi ChristakisLecturerArts-Literature-Civilization: France-Europe
Department of Turkish Studies and Middle Eastern Studies
Τel. +357 22893950, Fax + 357 22895040, Website
Sagaster BörteAssociate ProfessorTurkish Literature
Theocharis StavridesAssociate ProfessorOttoman History
Michael N. MichalisAssociate ProfessorOttoman History
Gulshen SakhatovaAssistant ProfessorTurkish Linguistics/Teaching Turkish as Foreign Language/Turkic languages on monuments
Moudouros NikosLecturerContemporary Turkish History and Politics/Turkish-Cypriots
Tziarras ZenonasLecturerTurkish politics and foreign policy, international politics of the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East
Ahmet YikikLecturerTurkish and Turkish-Cypriot Literature
Language Centre
Τel. +357 22892901, Fax +357 22894439, Website
Dr Athanasiades Andreas Special Scientist for TeachingTeaching of English as a second and foreign Language, using literature to teach languages, sociological aspects of language teaching, translation studies, academic writing, postcolonialism, memory, life writing. "Online teaching" and "Technology Developments in Teaching Languages".
Georgiou EleniSpecial Scientist for TeachingLanguage Teaching, teaching Turkish as a Second/Foreign Language, Language acquisition, design of teaching material, design of programs and usage of Educational technology, Sociolinguistics/ Linguistic Anthropology.
Dr. Gökçebağ Düriye Special Teaching StaffTeaching Turkish as a Foreign Language, Applied Linguistics, Didactic of Turkish as a second/ foreign language, Second Language Acquisition, Error Analysis, Curriculum Development and Evaluation, Instructional Technology in Language Teaching, Task-based Learning, Mobile Learning.
Dr. Joannidou Shaunna Special Teaching staffTeaching English as a Foreign Language, Second Language Acquisition, Networked Learning, Professional Development, Curriculum Design, Web 2.0 applications in teaching foreign languages
Dr. Kleanthous Angela Special Teaching StaffTeaching English as a Foreign Language, Applied Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Instructional Technology in Language Teaching, Use of Web 2.0 Applications in Language Teaching and Learning, Online Learning, Collaborative Language Learning, English for Specific Purposes (ESP).
Dr. Kyprianou Marianna Special Teaching staffApplied Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Instructional Technology,Pronunciation Teaching, Curriculum development and evaluation, English for Specific Purposes (ESP).
Nikiforou Eleni Special Teaching StaffTeaching English as a Foreign Language; Instructional, Technology; Blended Learning; Online Learning; Open Educational Resources; Curriculum Development; Professional Development; English for Specific Purposes.
Dr. Regginou Natalia Special Scientist for TeachingTeaching Russian as a foreign language through the modern methods and methodologies, using new technologies in language learning and teaching. Task Based Learning. Applied Psycholinguistics. Pre-service teaching.
Dr. Tsouris Constantinos Special Teaching StaffIntegrating collaborative learning pedagogies in the English for Specific/Professional Purposes curriculum; in curriculum design and development for English for Specific/Professional Purposes courses; and in social constructivist perspectives in language learning and teaching. Soft skills for employment (paper/video CV, interviewing, oral/written communication, portfolio building).
Dr. Pelekani Chryso Special Scientist for TeachingTeaching Turkish as a second/foreign language, Design and develop curricula and teaching materials for learning Turkish for levels (A1-C2), Using new technologies to learn Turkish language, Blended Learning-Online teaching, Comparative and Descriptive Linguistics (Turkısh/Greek/Russian, Cypriot Turkish/Cypriot Greek, Romani/Gourmpetsia), Linguistic Contacts-Dialectology, Theory of translation
Dr. Molina Muñoz Pedro Jesus Special Teaching StaffInformation and Communication Technologies in Language Learning and Processing. / Acquisition of a Second - Foreign Language./ Online e-learning and teaching./ Online evaluation./ Web 2.0 Applications in Foreign Language Teaching./ Creation of Educational Material and Resources for Foreign Languages Teaching and Evaluation. /Medieval and Modern Greece. / Modern Greek lexicography. / The Importance of the Greek Language in Spanish Culture. / The Ancient Greek Theatre and the Popular Greek Faith. / Ceremonies, Customs and Traditions of the Greek Carnival. /The Presence and Importance of Greek Culture and the Greek Language in Spain and the Spanish-speaking World. / History of the Greek Language.
Dr.Zaccagni Gaia Special Scientist for TeachingTeaching of Italian as a foreign Language, teaching of Greek as a foreign language, use of literature for language teaching, sociological aspects of foreign language teaching, academic writing, teaching of Literature (Modern Greek and Italian, with emphasis on comparative issues and approaches). Translation (literacy and specialized, translation studies), use of music for language learning, text analysis.
Jammet Françoise Special Teaching StaffTeaching French as a Foreign Language, Professional Development, Curriculum Design, CECRL and DELF-DALF EXAMS, Teaching French to adult migrants (français langue d’intégration)
Department of Biological Sciences
Τel. +357 22892880/94, Fax +357 22895095, Website
Constantinou AndreasEmeritus ProfessorCancer Biology and Chemoprevention
Kirmizis AntonisProfessorEpigenetics and Gene Regulation
Kostrikis LeondiosProfessorBiotechnology and Molecular Virology
Santama NioviProfessorMolecular and Cell Biology and Biochemistry
Sfenthourakis SpyrosProfessorEcology and Biodiversity
Skourides A. ParisProfessorDevelopmental Biology and Bioimaging Technology
Alexander N. G. KirschelAssociate ProfessorBehavioural Ecology and Evolution
Apidianakis GiorgosAssociate ProfessorHuman Infectious Diseases and Carcinogenesis
Georgiades PantelisAssociate ProfessorDevelopmental Biology and Stem Cells
Pitsouli ChrysoulaAssociate ProfessorDrosophila Development and Homeostasis
Promponas VasilisAssociate ProfessorBioinformatics
Papadopoulou Anna Associate ProfessorMolecular Ecology and Evolution
Strati KaterinaAssociate ProfessorVirology, Carcinogenesis
Bassil Elias Assistant ProfessorPlant Biology
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Τel. +357 22892600, Fax +357 22892601, Website
Christofides TasosProfessorProbability, Statistics, Survey Methodology, Indirect Questioning Techniques.
Christoforou CleopatraProfessorPartial Differential Equations, Applied Analysis
Fokianos KonstantinosProfessorStatistics, Time Series
Georgiou GeorgiosProfessorRheology, Computational Fluid Mechanics, Numerical Analysis, Finite Element Methods, Computational Oceanography
Karageorghis AndreasProfessorNumerical Analysis, Scientific Computing
Koumandos StamatisProfessorMathematical Analysis
Milakis EmmanouilProfessorPartial Differential Equations, Free Boundary Problems, Geometric Measure Theory
Paparoditis EfstathiosProfessorProbability, Statistics
Sapatinas TheofanisProfessorProbability, Statistics
Smyrlis Yiorgos-SokratisProfessorPartial Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis
Sophocleous ChristodoulosProfessorMathematical Physics
Stylianopoulos NikosProfessorComplex Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Potential Theory
Xenophontos ChristosProfessor Numerical Analysis, Finite Element Methods
Vidras AlekosProfessorComplex Analysis
Baxevani AnastasiaAssociate ProfessorApplied probability, stochastic processes, random spatio-temporal fields.
Charalambous NeliaAssociate ProfessorGlobal Analysis, Mathematical Physics
Kyriazis GeorgeAssociate ProfessorApproximation Theory, Harmonic Analysis
Pallikaros ChristosAssociate ProfessorAlgebra
Samiou EvangeliaAssociate Professor Differential Geometry
Tziolas NikosAssociate Professor  Algebraic Geometry
Agapiou SergiosAssistant ProfessorBayesian Inverse Problems, Computational Statistics
Ieronymou EvisAssistant ProfessorAlgebraic geometry, number theory
Anastasiou AndreasLecturerAymptotic Statistics, Distributional approximations, Change-point Detection in Time Series
Miscouridou XeniaLecturerBayesian Nonparametric Statistics, Network modelling, Stochastic Processes, Deep Generative Modelling, Statistical Machine Learning
Papamichael NicolasProfessor EmeritusNumerical Analysis, Computational Complex Analysis
Department of Computer Science
Tel. +357 22892700, Fax +357 22892701, Website
Athanasopoulos EliasProfessorSystem Security and Privacy
Christodoulou ChrisProfessorComputational and Cognitive Neuroscience, Neural Networks, Machine Learning
Chrysanthou YiorgosProfessorComputer Graphics, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Computer Games.
Demopoulos YannisProfessorArtificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Al planning, Non- monotonic Reasoning, Constraint Satisfaction
Dikaiakos D. MariosProfessorNetwork Centric Computing, With and Emphasis on Grid Computing, Web Technologies, Mobile Computing
Filippou AnnaProfessorConcurrency Theory, Formal Methods and their application in distributed and real-time systems, Type Systems, Privacy
Georgiou Chryssis ProfessorDistributed and Parallel Computing (Theory and Practice), Fault-Tolerance and Dependability, Algorithms and Complexity, Dynamic Computing Environments
Keravnou-Papailiou ElpidaProfessorArtificial Intelligence in Medicine, Diagnostic Systems, Temporal Information Systems in Medicine (temporal data abstraction), Intelligent Data Analysis in Medicine/Temporal Data Mining, Hybrid Decision Support Systems.
Mavronicolas MariosProfessorAlgorithmic Game Theory, Distributed and Parallel Computing, Algorithmic Issues in Communications Networks, Computational Complexity
Papadopoulos A. GeorgeProfessorInformation Systems, Cloud Computing, Technology Enhanced Learning, e-Health, E-Government, Software Engineering and Internet Technologies.
Pattichis S. ConstantinosProfessoreHealth, mHealth, eEmergency Systems, Connected Health; Medical Image Analysis Systems: MRI, Ultrasound, Endoscopy, Microscopy; Computational Intelligence and Explainable AI in Medical Systems, Biosignal Analysis Systems: Eelectromyography; mHealth interventions based on X Reality applications
Sazeides YiannosProfessorComputer Architecture: Patterns of Computation, Cache Redundancy, Chip Multicores, Power and Temperature Aware Microarchitectures, Prediction, and Speculation
Kapitsaki GeorgiaAssociate ProfessorSoftware Reuse, Software Reuse, Open Source Software, Privacy Enhancing Technologies, Context-aware applications, Web of Things, Service-Oriented Computing.
Pallis GeorgeAssociate ProfessorInternet Computing, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Online Social Networks
Vassiliou VasosAssociate ProfessorComputer and Communication Networks, Internet of Things (IoT), Next Generation Network Architectures, Mobile Networks, Wireless Communications, Network Security, Smart Systems (Smart City, Smart Home, Smart Energy Grid)
Zeinalipour DemetrisAssociate ProfessorData Management in Computer Systems and Networks: Mobile and Sensor Data Management; Big Data Management in Parallel and Distributed Architectures; Spatio-Temporal Data Management; Network and Telco Data Management; Crowd, Web 2.0 and Indoor Data Management; Data Privacy Management
Aristidou AndreasAssistant ProfessorComputer Graphics, 3D character animation, Motion Capture, 3D Motion analysis and synthesis.
Pieris AndreasAssistant ProfessorDatabase theory with emphasis on uncertain data, knowledge representation and reasoning, and logic in Computer Science
Konstantinou Eleni Assistant ProfessorSoftware Evolution, Software Ecosystems, Knowledge Mining from Software Repositories
Volos Haris     Assistant ProfessorComputing Systems: Systems software, Computer architecture, Non-volatile memory systems
Department of Physics
Tel. +357 22892820, 22892826 Fax +357 22895083, Website
Alexandrou ConstantiaProfessorTheoretical and Computational Physics of Strong Interactions
Christofides ConstantinosProfessorApplied Physics
Grigorios ItskosProfessorExperimental Condensed Matter Physics
Othonos AndreasProfessorLaser and Optoelectronics
Panagopoulos HaralambosProfessorTheoretical Particle Physics
Ptochos FotiosProfessorExperimental High Energy Physics
Razis PanosProfessorExperimental High Energy Physics
Archontis GeorgiosAssociate ProfessorTheoretical and Computational Biophysics
Moulopoulos KonstantinosAssociate ProfessorTheoretical Condensed Matter Physics
Toumbas NicolaosAssociate ProfessorTheoretical High Energy Physics
Skourtis SpirosAssociate ProfessorTheoretical and Computational Biophysics and Molecular Physics
Theodorakis StavrosAssociate ProfessorTheoretical Condensed Matter Physics
Trypiniotis TheodossisAssistant ProfessorExperimental Condensed Matter Physics
Saka HalilLecturerExperimental High Energy Physics
Department of Chemistry
Τel. +357 22892800/2780, Fax +357 22895088, Website
Efstathiou M. AngelosProfessorHeterogeneous Catalysis and Environmental Technology
Keramidas AnastasiosProfessorInorganic and Bio-Inorganic Chemistry
Koutentis PanayiotisProfessorOrganic Chemistry
Leontidis EpaminondasProfessorPhysical Chemistry, Chemistry of Colloids and Interfaces, Materials Chemistry
Patrickios S. CostasProfessorPolymer Science
Paschalidis IoannisProfessorEnvironmental Radiochemistry and Radiometry
Tasiopoulos AnastasiosProfessorInorganic Chemistry
Theocharis R. CharisProfessorSurface Chemistry and Solid State Chemistry
Charalambous-Hayes SophiaAssociate ProfessorMolecular Spectroscopy
Kapnissi-Christodoulou ConstantinaAssociate ProfessorAnalytical Chemistry, Instrumental Methods of Analysis
Nicolaides AthanasiosAssociate ProfessorOrganic Chemistry-Computational Chemistry
Pinakoulaki EftychiaAssociate ProfessorBiophysical and Bioanalytical Chemistry/ Food Chemistry
Agapios AgapiouAssistant ProfessorAnalytical Chemistry/Mass Spectrometry
Georgiades SavvasAssistant Professor Organic Synthesis and Bioorganic Chemistry
Christodoulou SotiriosLecturerNanochemistry, Materials Chemistry, Device Chemistry
Elena LoizouSpecial Teaching StaffNanocomposite Polymer
Department of Education
Τel. +357 22892940, 22 892941, 22 892942 Fax +357 22894488, Website
Gagatsis AthanasiosEmeritus ProfessorMathematics Education
Koutselini-Ioannidou MaryEmeritus ProfessorCurriculum Development, Evaluation and Instruction
Christou ConstantinosEmeritus ProfessorMathematics Education
Angeli - Valanides CharoulaProfessorEducational Technology
Constantinou Constantinos ProfessorScience and Education
Eliophotou MariaProfessorEducational Administration
Fotiou StavrosProfessorTheology and Religious Education
Kyriakides LeonidasProfessorEducational Research and Evaluation
Papastefanou MariannaProfessorPhilosophy of Education
Pitta - Pantazi DemetraProfessorMathematics Education
Tsangaridou NikiProfessorMethodology of Physical Education
Zacharia ZachariasProfessorScience Education
Ftiaka HelenProfessorSociology of Education and inclusive Education
Korfiatis ConstantinosProfessorEnvironmental Education
Loizou EleniProfessorEarly Childhood Education
Charalambous CharalambosAssociate ProfessorEducational Research and Evaluation
Christou MirandaAssociate ProfessorSociology of Education
Elia IliadaAssociate ProfessorMathematics Pedagogy in Early Childhood
Ioannidou ElenaAssociate ProfessorLanguage Arts
Gregoriou ZeliaAssociate ProfessorTheory of Education
Klerides EleftheriosAssociate ProfessorComparative Education, History of Education and Education Policy 
Kontovourki StavroulaAssistant ProfessorLiteracy and Language Arts Education
Philippou StavroulaAssociate ProfessorCurriculum and Teaching
Symeonidou SimoniAssociate ProfessorInclusive Education
Antoniou Panayiotis LecturerEducational Leadership and Evaluation
Pittalis MariosLecturerMathematics Education
Department of Social and Political Sciences
Τel. +357 22892940, Fax +357 22894488, Website
Constantinou M. CostasProfessorInternational Relations
Demetriou KyriakosProfessorHistory of Political Thought
Ellinas AntonisProfessorComparative politics
Papadakis YiannisProfessorSocial Anthropology
Tombazos StavrosProfessorPolitical Economy
Bantimaroudis PhilemonAssociate ProfessorJournalism and Media Studies
Donno DanielaAssociate ProfessorInternarional Relations
Iosif KovrasAssociate Professor Comparative Politics
Lamprianou IasonasAssociate ProfessorResearch Methodology
Roudometof VictorAssociate ProfessorSociology
Agapiou-Josephides KalliopeAssistant ProfessorEuropean Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Gender Equality
Eren DuzgunAssistant ProfessorInternational Relations, Political Economy
Loizides AntisAssistant ProfessorHistory of Political Thought, Political Theory, Reception Studies
Maniou TheodoraAssistant ProfessorJournalism and Media
Sophia StavrouAssistant ProfessorSociology
Venetia PapaAssistant ProfessorJournalism and Media
Adam GemarLecturerSociology
Christofidou AndriaLecturer Sociology
Constandinides CostasLecturerAudiovisual Media
Kamenou NayiaLecturerGender Studies, LGBTI Studies, Queer Studies
Moutselos MichalisLecturer Comparative Politics
Trimithiotis DimitrisLecturerJournalism & Media
Joseph JosephEmeritus ProfessorInternational Relations and European Affairs
Katsikides SavvasEmeritus ProfessorSociology
Department of Law
Τel. +357 22892920, Fax +357 22892910, Website
Kapardis AndreasEmeritus ProfessorCriminology, Criminal Justice, Forensic Psychology, Penology, Criminal Investigation, Juvenile delinquency, Rehabilitation, Crime prevention, Traffic offences, Terrorism.
Hatzimihail NikitasProfessor Associate Professor of Private Law and Private International Law.
Synodinou Tatiana-EleniProfessor Intellectual Property Law, Information Technology Law, Media Law, Land Law, Private Law, Commercial Law.
Constantinides AristotelisAssociate ProfessorPublic International Law, International Human Rights Law, Law of the United Nations, International Terrorism, International Law in Domestic Courts, International Development Cooperation.
Papacharalambous CharalambosAssociate ProfessorCriminal Law, Criminal Procedure, International Criminal Law, Correctional Law, Criminal Policy.
Paraskeva CostasAssociate ProfessorLaw of the European Convention on Human Rights, Constitutional Law, Cyprus Human Rights Law, Public Law, Administrative Law.
Chatzipanagiotis MichaelAssistant ProfessorConsumer Protection law, Industrial Property law, Aviation law, Space law, Banking law, Insurance law, Transport law. 
Hadjiyianni IoannaAssistant ProfessorEuropean Union Law, Environmental and Climate Change Law, Law of the World Trade Organization, EU External Relations Law. 
Papadopoulos ThomasAssistant ProfessorBusiness Law, Company Law and Corporate Governance, Financial Law, Capital Markets Law-Securities Regulation, Competition Law, Insolvency Law, Banking Law, European Union Law, Internal Market Law and European Economic Law.
Konstantinos Tsinas Lecturer  Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, International Criminal Law, Criminal Justice, Penitentiary System, Drafting of Statutes, Principles of Legislation, Legal and Juridical Reasoning
Tryfonidou Alina Lecturer Family Law, European Union Law 
Department of Psychology
Τel. +357 22892070/86, Fax +357 22895075, Website
Avraamides MariosProfessorCognitive Psychology
Constantinidou FofiProfessorNeuropsychology
Diakidou Irene-AnnaProfessorEducational Psychology
Fantis KostasProfessorDevelopmental Psychology
Panayiotou GeorgiaProfessorClinical Psychology
Papadopoulos TimotheosProfessorEducational Psychology
Psaltis CharisProfessorSocial-Developmental Psychology
Raftopoulos AthanasiosProfessorPhilosophy and History and Epistemology
Spanoudis GeorgeProfessorCognitive Psychology
Kadianaki IriniAssiociate ProfessorSocial Psychology
Karekla MariaAssociate ProfessorClinical Psychology
Michalis MichaelidesAssociate ProfessorResearch Methodology
Shimi AndriaAssociate ProfessorEducational Psychology
Stavrinides Panayiotis Associate ProfessorDevelopmental Psychology
Lordos AlexandrosAssistant Professor Clinical Psychology
Zanos PanosAssistant ProfessorNeuropharmacology/Psychopharmacology
Paraskevopoulos EvangelosLecturerCognitive Neuroscience
Georgiou SteliosProfessor EmeritusEducational Psychology
Demetriou AndreasProfessor EmeritusCognitive Psychology
Natsopoulos Demetrios Professor EmeritusDevelopmental Psychology
Department of Business and Public Administration
Τel. +357 22893650, 22893740 Fax +357 22895030, Website
Charalambous ChristakisEmeritus ProfessorManagement Science
Hadjinicolas George ProfessorOperations Management
Kassinis GeorgeProfessorManagement
Leonidou Leonidas ProfessorMarketing
Soteriou Andreas ProfessorOperations Management
Stavrou EleniProfessorManagement
Tsoukas Haridimos ProfessorManagement
Vladimirou HerculesProfessorManagement Science
Markopoulos PanosAssociate ProfessorManagement Information Systems (MIS)
Panayiotou AlexiaAssociate ProfessorManagement
Theodosiou MariosAssociate ProfessorMarketing
Georgiou AngelosAssistant ProfessorOperations Management
Ierodiaconou Christiana Assistant ProfessorManagement
Nicolaides ChristosAssistant ProfessorManagement Information System
Hadjimichael DemetrisLecturerManagement
Department of Accounting and Finance
Tel. +357 22893605/41, Fax +357 22895475, Website
NAME                POSITION                   AREA                      
Trigeorgis LenosEmeritus ProfessorFinance
Charitou AndreasProfessorAccounting
Karamanou IreneProfessorAccounting
Vafeas NikosProfessorAccounting
Zenios StavrosProfessorFinance, Management Science
Evangelos BenosAssociate ProfessorFinance
Martzoukos SpirosAssociate ProfessorFinance
Milidonis AndreasAssociate ProfessorFinance
Panayides MariosAssociate ProfessorFinance
Vlittis AdamosAssistant ProfessorAccounting
Papageorgiou StylianosLecturerFinance
Department of Economics
Τel. +357 22893700/01/02, Fax +357 22895028, Website
Andreou ElenaProfessorTime Series Econometrics, Financial Econometrics
Clerides Sofronis ProfessorIndustrial Organisation, International Trade
Christofides LouisEmeritus ProfessorLabour, Macroeconomics, Applied Econometrics
Kourtellos AndrosProfessorEconometrics, Economic Growth, Macroeconomics
Mamuneas Theofanis ProfessorApplied Microeconomics and Econometrics and Public Economics, Infrastructures, R&D Spillovers and Productivity, Growth
Michael S. Michael Emeritus ProfessorInternational Trade, Economic Development, Public Economics
Pissarides Christoforos ProfessorMacroeconomics, Especially Search Theory, Unemployment, Growth and Structural Change.
Zachariadis Marios ProfessorEconomic Growth International Macroeconomics
Chassamboulli Andri Associate ProfessorMacroeconomics, Labour Economics
Hadjiyiannis CostasAssociate ProfessorInternational Trade, Industrial Organization, Game Theory,Environmental Economics
Hassapis Christis Associate ProfessorMacroeconomics and International Finance
Kasparis IoannisAssociate ProfessorEconometrics, Time Series Econometrics
Lyssiotou Panayiota Associate ProfessorConsumer Behaviour and Family Economics, Microeconomics and Applied Microeconometrics
Theodoropoulos NicosAssociate ProfessorApplied Econometrics, Labour Economics
Associate ProfessorMicroeconomics Theory, Game Theory, Political Economics, Social Choice
Ziros NicholasAssociate ProfessorMicroeconomics, Mathematical Economics, General Equilibrium Theory, Game Theory
Louis PhilipposAssistant ProfessorGame theory, Experimental economics, Institutional and market design, Organizational economics
Tsakas NikolasAssistant ProfessorLecturer -Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Applied Economics
Aristodemou EleniLecturerTheoretical and Applied Econometrics, Applied Industrial Organization
Tryphonides AndreasLecturerApplied and Quantitative Macroeconomics, Econometrics
Department of Architecture
Τel. +357 22892960/80, Fax +357 22895056, Website
Phocas C. MariosProfessorArchitectural Technology, Intergrated Architectural Design, Structural and Construction Design, Kinetic Structures, Earthquake Engineering
Pyla PanayiotaProfessorArchitectural History and Theory – Architectural Ηistoriography and Environmental Ηistory
Charalambous NadiaAssociate ProfessorArchitectural Research and Design Practice, (Evidence-based design), Urban Segregation and inequalities, The social dimension of urban form, Architectural education
Hadjichristos ChristosAssociate ProfessorArchitectural Theory, Architectural Education, Epistemology, Space Syntax Analysis, Architectural Composition
Philokyprou MariaAssociate ProfessorHistory and Theory of Architecture, Vernacular Architecture - Conservation, Rehabilitation, Design Intervention
Savvides AndreasAssociate ProfessorArchitectural Composition, Sustainable Urban Design and Development
Stratis SocratesAssociate ProfessorUrban Design and Theory, Architecture as Urban Practice, the Political in Architecture, Critical Spatial Practices, Cities and Conflict Transformation, Urban Commons, Activism.
Kontovourkis OdysseasAssistant ProfessorArchitectural Communication Media, Digital Architectural Design and Fabrication.
Michael AimiliosAssistant ProfessorIntegrated Architectural Design Construction Design and Architectural Technology Energy and Environmental Design
Avramidis Konstantinos LecturerResearch by design, Architectural design, Architectural communication, Art and/in urban space, Visual culture, Cultural landscapes
Iacovou PopiLectureCommunication Media in Architecture, Architecture and Performance: Theory and practice, Architecture and the Moving Image, Architectural Design
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Τel. +357 22892240,22892240, 22892251, 22892271 Fax +357 22895079, Website
Charalambous D. CharalambosProfessorStochastic Systems, Stochastic Optimal Control, Filtering and Decision, Game Theory with Decentralized Information, Information Theory of Stochastic Systems, Machine Intelligence, Telecommunication Networks, Applications
Georghiou George ProfessorSolar Energy, Photovoltaics, Renewable Energy, Smart Networks, Grid Integration, Plasma Processes, Electromagnetics
Ellinas GeorgeProfessorTelecommunications, Optical Communication Systems and Networks, Intelligent Transportation Systems.
Georgiou JulioProfessorReliability and Testing of Digital Integrated Circuits, Dependability and Security of Intelligent Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems, Computer Aided Design and Test for Digital/Embedded Systems
Hadjicostis ChristoforosProfessorError Control Coding for Fault-Tolerant Systems, Design of Reliable Systems and Networks, Monitoring and Control of Distributed Systems, Discrete Event Systems
Panayiotou ChristosProfessorNetworks, Telecommunications and Intelligent Systems
Iezekiel StavrosProfessorPhotonics, Optical Communications, and Microwave Engineering.
Pitris ConstantinosProfessorBiomedical Engineering, Optics and Biomedical Imaging, Medical Diagnostics
Polycarpou MariosProfessorIntelligent Systems and Control, Adaptive and Neural Control Systems, Computational Intelligence, Fault Diagnosis, Monitoring and Control of Large-Scale Safety-Critical Systems
Charalambous A. CharalambosAssociate ProfessorEarthing Systems & lightning protection, risk management and security of supply, Electrical Power Systems and Energy
Krikidis IoannisAssociate ProfessorWireless Communicatios, Cognitive radio, Cooperative networks, Information theory, Physical layer
Michael MariaAssociate ProfessorReliability and Testing of Digital Integrated Circuits, Dependability and Security of Intelligent Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems, Computer Aided Design and Test for Digital/Embedded Systems
Nicopoulos ChrysostomosAssociate ProfessorComputer Architecture, Network-On-Chip Architecture, Digital System Design
Theocharides TheocharisAssociate ProfessorPerceptual Computing, Intelligent Hardware Systems, Digital Systems and Circuits
Timotheou SteliosAssociate ProfessorOptimization, Machine Learning, Monitoring and Control of Critical Infrastructure, Systems, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Wireless Communication Systems
Charalambous ThemistoclesAssistant ProfessorControl, coordination, and optimization in distributed and networked control systems
Chli Margarita Assistant ProfessorRobotic perception, Computer vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning
Chrysafis AndreouAssistant ProfessorNanotechnology and nanomedicine, molecular imaging, microfluidic systems, biofluid analysis
Marnerides AngelosAssistant ProfessorCyber-Physical Systems Security, Cyber Security, Network and System Resilience, Programmable Security
Mathaios PanteliAssistant ProfessorElectrical Power Systems, Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Sources, Smart Grids, Reliability and Optimization of Transmission and Distribution Networks, Multi-Sector System Analysis
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Τel. +357 22892200/49, Fax + 357 22895080, Website
Christodoulou SymeonProfessorConstruction Engineering and Management
Fatta Kassinos DespoProfessorChemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering
Ioannou IoannisProfessorTraditional Construction Materials, Flow in Porous Media, Restoration of Buildings and Monuments
Neophytou MarinaProfessorFluid Mechanics, Environmental Engineering, Atmospheric Science
Papanastasiou Panos ProfessorCivil Engineering, Geomechanics, Petroleum Engineering
Petrou MichaelProfessorCivil Engineering Materials
Charmpis DimosAssociate ProfessorStructural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering
Komodromos PetrosAssociate ProfessorStructural, Earthquake and Computer-Aided Engineering, Information Technology
Loukidis DimitriosAssociate ProfessorGeotechnical Engineering
Dimitriou LoucasAssistant Professor- Transport Infrastructure Planning and Design, Traffic Engineering, Transportation Networks, Competitive Design, Demand Analysis and Forecasting, Intelligent Transport Systems
Roussis PanayiotisAssistant ProfessorStructural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering
Hadjipantelis NicolasLecturerStructural Engineering, Steel Structures
Mavros MariosLecturerReinforced Concrete, Earthquake Engineering, Computational Mechanics
Stagonas DimitrisLecturerCoastal and Offshore Engineering, Marine and Wind Energy
Tsipa ArgyroLecturerEnvironmental Biotechnology, Biological Systems Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering.
Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Τel. +357 22892250/80/48, Fax + 357 22895081, Website
Giapintzakis IoannisProfessorMaterials Science and Technology
Kassinos StavrosProfessorFluid Mechanics, Turbulence, Plasma and MHD turbulence, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Parallel Computing, computational fluid dynamics of biomedical flows
Krasia Christoforou TheodoraProfessorMaterials Science and Engineering: Polymers/Polymer nanocomposites
Kyratsi TheodoraProfessorMaterial Science and Technology, Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications, 3D printing of Metals
Grigoriadis DimokratisAssociate ProfessorComputational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer, Renewable energy sources
Kyprianou AndreasAssociate ProfessorLinear and Non-Linear Dynamics and Vibrations and applications of signal processing
Louca LoucasAssociate ProfessorModeling of Dynamic Physical Systems, Robotic Evaluation and Rehabilitation, Modeling and Optimization of Automotive Systems, Multi-body Dynamics, Computer Aided Modeling and Simulation
Rebholz ClausAssociate ProfessorMaterials and Surface Engineering, Manufacturing Processes
Stylianopoulos TriantafyllosAssociate ProfessorBiomechanics, Tumor patho-physiology, Drug delivery to solid tumors, nanomedicine
Vavourakis VasileiosAssociate ProfessorContinuum Mechanics, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Biomechanics, Numerical Methods, Mathematical Modelling, High-Performance Computing
Zervos MatthewAssociate ProfessorSemiconductor Materials and Devices, Nanotechnology
Christoforou EftychiosAssistant ProfessorRobotics, Control Systems
Agathokleous Rafaela LecturerThermal analysis of energy systems, Solar Energy systems, Heat Transfer
Politis DenisLecturerMaterials and Manufacturing Processes
Syrakos AlexandrosLecturerNon-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics and rheology, Computational Fluid Dynamics
Tzeranis DimitriosLecturerBiomedical Engineering, biomaterials, regenerative medicine, drug discovery systems, fluorescence imaging and spectroscopy
Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies
Τel. +357 22893870/80, Fax +357 22894490, Website
Chatzipanagioti-Sangmeister JuliaProfessorModern Greek Literature
Hinterberger Martinerberger MartinProfessorByzantine Philology
Karyolemou MarilenaProfessorSociolinguistics, Multilingualism, Language policy and planning, Language revival, Teaching endangered languages
Samuel AlexandraProfessorModern Greek Literature
Voutouris PantelisProfessorModern Greek Literature
Aggouraki YoryiaAssociate ProfessorLinguistics
Athanasopoulou AfroditiAssociate ProfessorModern Greek Literature
Constantinou StavroulaAssociate ProfessorByzantine Philology
Giannouli AntoniaAssociate ProfessorByzantine Philology
Katsoyiannou MariannaAssociate ProfessorLinguistics
Papadaki EiriniAssociate ProfessorModern Greek Literature
Papaleontiou EleutheriosAssociate ProfessorModern Greek Studies
Pourgouris MarinosAssociate ProfessorModern Greek Literature
Department of History and Archaeology
Tel. +357 22892180, Fax +357 22895068, Website
Iacovou MariaProfessorPrehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology
Mavrogiannis TheodorosProfessorAncient History
Sarris ApostolosProfessorDigital Humanities/Geophysics/GIS
Demesticha StellaAssociate ProfessorMaritime Archaeology
Kouka OuraniaAssociate ProfessorThe Archaeology of Aegean Prehistory
Katsikas Stefanos Associate ProfessorEuropean or/and Mediterranean History, 18th-20th c.
Kazamias GeorgiosAssociate ProfessorModern and Contemporary European History
Nicolaou-Konnari AngelAssociate ProfessorGreek World Under Latin Rule
Olympios MichalisAssociate ProfessorHistory of Western Art
Papapolyviou PetrosAssociate ProfessorContemporary Greek History
Papasavvas GeorgiosAssociate ProfessorClassical Archaeology
Parani MariaAssociate ProfessorByzantine and Post-Byzantine Art and Archaeology
Vionis AthanasiosAssociate ProfessorByzantine Archaeology and Art
Constantinidou NatashaAssistant ProfessorEuropean History
Stathakopoulos DionysiosAssistant ProfessorByzantine History
Kontogeorgis Dimitrios M.LecturerModern Greek History
Department of Classics and Philisophy
Τel. +357 22893850, Fax +357 22894491, Website
Portides DemetrisProfessorPhilosophy
Xenis GeorgiosProfessorAncient Greek Philology
Kaltsas DimokritosAssociate ProfessorAncient Greek Philology
Tsakmakis AntoniosAssociate ProfessorAncient Greek Philology
Tzounakas SpyridonAssociate ProfessorLatin Philology
Ypsilanti MariaAssociate ProfessorAncient Greek Philology
Kyriacou ChristosAssistant ProfessorPhilosophy
Vrahimis AndreasAssistant ProfessorPhilosophy
Livanios VasileiosAssistant ProfessorPhilosophy
Margot NegerAssistant ProfessorLatin Philology
Nikolaev AlexanderAssistant ProfessorLinguistic
Ioannis ChristodoulouLecturerPhilosophy
Medical School

Telephone: +357 22 895255, Fax: +357 22 895396, website

Associate Dean
Hadjigeorgiou GeorgiosProfessorNeurology
Academic staff
Antoniadou AnastasiaProfessorInternal Medicine
Deltas Constantinos ProfessorMedical and Molecular Genetics
Gravas StavrosProfessorUrology
Pnevmatikos IoannisProfessorIntensive Care Medicine
Yiallouros PanayiotisProfessorPaediatrics 
Zachariou ZachariasProfessorGeneral Surgery - Paediatric Surgery
Farmakis DimitriosAssociate ProfessorCardiology - Heart Failure
Nikolopoulos GeorgiosAssociate ProfessorEpidemiology - Public Health
Bargiotas PanagiotisAssociate ProfessorNeurology Specialist - Somnologist
Chatzittofis AndreasAssistant ProfessorPhychiatry
Constantinidou AnastasiaAssistant ProfessorMedical Ongology
Dietis NikolasAssociate ProfessorPharmacology, Neuropharmacology
Gouvas NikolaosAssociate ProfessorGeneral Surgery, Colorectal Surgery
Artemiadis ArtemiosAssistant ProfessorNeurology
Parperis KonstantinosAssistant ProfessorInternal Medicine - Rheumatology
Koliou MariaAssistant ProfessorPaediatric - Paediatric Infectious Diseases
Yiallourou AnnezaAssistant ProfessorBreast Surgery
Zis PanagiotisAssociate ProfessorNeurology - Neurophysiology
Anagnostopoulou PinelopiLecturerPaediatrics –Paediatric Pulmonology
Dimitriou NikolettaLecturerGeneral Surgery/Colorectal Surgery
Kadoglou NikolaosLecturerCardiology - Cardiac Imaging-Heart Failure - Devices Implantation
Kouis Panayiotis LecturerBiochemistry
Visiting Academics
Vavilis DimitriosProfessorGynecology
Palloura SotiriaAssociate ProfessorOphthalmology
Dimitropoulos KonstantinosAssistant Professor
Nikolaou MariosAssistant Professor
Gigas PanayiotisAssistant ProfessorOrthopaedics
Anestakis DoxakisAssistant ProfessorAnatomical pathology
Charalampidis CharalamposAssistant ProfessorAnatomy
Bella EvanthiaLecturerPsychiatry
Kalampokini StefaniaLecturerNeurology
Mitsides NicosLecturerNephrology
Vavougyios GeorgiosLecturerNeurology
Special Teaching Staff
Gkougkoudi EvangeliaPaediatric Surgery
Korakianitis IoannisMicrobiology
Bartsota Margarita Pediatric Cardiology
Pitsios ConstantinosPhysiology
Special Teaching Scientist
Pavlina AlmpanidouBiochemistry
Panayiota NicolaouGastroenterology
Siakallis LoizosRadiology